"Food" for thought - Opinions?

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"The will to survive is the strongest force in nature that will drive a person to do just about anything"

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Brief Introduction
There was a story about why the popular belief that mothers will give up their lives for children is a myth. An experiment was conducted to prove that when the mother's life was in danger, she wouldn't mind killing her baby. A mother and baby monkey were put in a glass tank. Then water was poured into the tank. As the water gradually began to rise, the mother raised the baby from the ground. As the water rose higher the mother raised the baby higher. However, when the water reached the nose, the monkey put the baby under it, and climbed over the baby and escaped from the cage, leaving the baby to drown.

Of course, you can conclude that the mother realised that there was no point in sacrificing both lives, so if at least one could survive then why not? I am not really sure if monkeys are capable of such rational and complex thought processes.

[Sid from Artistick has this to say about Cannibalism]

Opinion Questions [I'ts picked out from Prison Break, but still think about it]
Case 1:
You are stuck in a desert with a stranger. You both have walked kilometres together and are lost. You might be walking in circles, and there is no food or water (no cactii either) . The stranger tries to kill you, to eat you out of desperation. You suddenly realise this, and dodge the attack and land a blow on him, knock him down and drop the rock over him killing him.
Would YOU eat him? He may be the only source of food for quite some days, and you might end up dying out of starvation...

Case 2:
You are stuck in a desert with a stranger. Same situation as case 1, except he has not attacked you. You are both walking and you realise how hopeless the situation is... Would YOU attack him to kill him and eat him up?

Case 3:
You are stuck in a desert with a friend. Same situation as case 2.

And be honest. Nobody is judging you and you don't have to be politically correct. This is just to know how strong is the sense of survival is in you. I know this is a hypothetical situation, but try to imagine and be as realistic as possible.

Comments from Buzz

shreyas ravindran - i dont think ill kill another person just for the sake of eatin him.. self defence... yes.. eatin... no... m a vegetarian n i'd like 2 b a vegetarian no matter wot the situation is... :)

shreyas ravindran - it depends on ur principles.. it comes down 2 dat at the end.. u either hold on 2 it.. or u throw it out of the window.. i think ill hold on 2 it :D

dolly singh - God knows wat will i do in such situation but i don't think i can eat any person,. killing in self defense possible.. but eating them NO NO NO!!

Adarsh B - I'm no T-Bag.....

Comments from Facebook [only poll answers are posted here, rest are not]

Mac Nirmal Lobo
oh cmon as long as the person is juicy enough anyone would eat him ............like angelina jolie


I think whatever people might comment on this, you can never answer about a hypothetical situation. I might write something here, but it's what I want to do.

What will I do? That's a totally different thing altogether. Human instinct is unpredictable, at least for me.
While that is definitely true, in this state of mind, what would you do? Among the three people I asked in person, all three said they would eat if they were in that situation... Close your eyes and try to imagine :-)
Mithun R said…
Case 1: Yes
Case 2&3: No.. I'd rather die out of starvation than taking someone's life so that I can live.

oh and btw ..I'm almost certain I'l be taking exactly the above mentioned decisions when actually in that situation. .
Case 1: Definitely I would kill that person as a matter of self defence but eating.....yuck !! Imagining such things itself is making me feel the nausea !!

Case 2 and 3:I don't have any rights on others life.So the option of killing itself is ruled out !!

Therefore,I would rather die out of starvation !!

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