A dark night... An amateur attempt

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"With advent of newer and better technology, it is very simple to manipulate anything - After this, whom and what to trust or distrust is indeed a question worth pondering"

Photoshop and Gimp are just cases in points that I would like to say here. Self explanatory. Here are some photos edited/created by friends of mine... Of course, it is just to show what you can do with software. I think it is now possible to plant people in locations where they have never been in their entire life with great ease. I wish George Clooney knew how to use Photoshop. He would not have to go through the trouble of taking photos for his sister in Up In The Air.

Srivathsan's - Ruins
[Srivathsan has many other images to his credit, I don't have the public links as of now]
Amoolya Tatti's - Lunar Surface
Amoolya Tatti's - Wooing the moon
Amoolya Tatti's - Tiger

Ah well, these guys are clearly pros. So, I thought of trying to pull a stunt :P HEre's mine - I call it, Dark Night. Click on the image to enlarge

Dark Night [Final]


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