The Crumbling Tree

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"A tree may look healthy from the outside, but will crumble down because of the termites within"

A simple quote to describe a very disturbing situation. Kasab, the terrorist who has been coming in the news lately, was pronounced guilty on several charges. But two other people, Indians, were acquitted due to lack of enough evidence. While some may feel that the lack of evidence and subsequent acquittal is disturbing, I feel that the very fact that two Indians were involved is all the more disturbing...

Ours is a diverse country where you can see all kinds of people - White collared, blue collared, rich and poor, fair and dark, high and low, upright and corrupt... We have people with different religions, etc. Earlier, there was a focus on targetting Muslims for supporting terror. Well, whether or not that was proved, it can now be very easily said that religion based focus no longer holds good... The most recent two moles about whom I read and heard are Hindus - Sarwan, an army gunner and Madhuri Gupta who you all would have recently heard about.

I think it is very important for us to analyse why these people fell prey to such enticements. I mean, go to any average Indian, and ask him/her if he/she would fall for this and I am sure that the immediate answer would be a very patriotic one, if not jingoistic - Absolutely not!! I would rather die than betray my Motherland... How is it that these people fell for it?

One often tends to think insufficient money is the reason - There is a general opinion among people that since people are given low salaries, they tend to become corrupt and end up taking bribes. Again, this might be true... But does it mean that if a person is not earning enough, he will sell his country? Just imagine if soldiers start thinking like this. Also, think how it would be if a rival company offered you a lot of money to leak your company secrets - would you? Of course, there are always exceptions. Not all poor people are corrupt, and all corrupt people are definitely not poor. There are varying types and degrees in corruption. There is a proverb in Kannada - aane kadru kaLLa, adike kadru kaLLa - which means that you are a thief, whether you steal a small beetelnut or a large elephant. Of course, I would like to disagree with it in this context. A traffic policeman pocketing Rs 100 instead of collecting Rs 300 is several times better than an army gunner or an Indian diplomat selling their country.

What I am trying to say is, we need to first of all understand what are the different means of enticement that is being used by the enemy. We also need to understand why our men are falling for it. Then, we should ensure that our men don't fall for them - Of course, huge amounts of money that the enemy offered to our diplomat could not be replaced by huge amounts of money from our government. In that case, we should see if it was only monetory greed that made her fall for it. It is extremely important that we have a pristine structure - If we have moles within our system, then no matter how careful you are while planning, your information begins to get leaked out. Was there not enough patriotism instilled in these people? Also, I think certain tests should be constantly run in all personnel - there will be slip ups, and we can then catch these guys before they create problems... I am honestly at a loss on how you would identify moles and double agents. But I do know as all of you would, that the quote mentioned at the beginning is a hundred percent true


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