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Purpose of existence

Swami Gulagulaananda pondered: " What is the purpose of life? " Introduction An age old question, that has been getting me to sit and wonder... What exactly is the purpose of life? Not just life, but everything around us. If you look around for a moment, you will see that there is nothing that is wasteful in this universe. Everything is there for a reason, everything happens for a reason. And this is all perfectly logical . Logic in nature Let us assume you are building a robot. You would give it motors and wheels to enable it to move. You would add sensors to sense light, sound, heat etc. depending on the requirement. You would add a microcontroller to enable it to collect data from these sensors, process that and take decisions. Now I will give you an analogy. You have eyes, ears and nose which are equivalent to these sensors, limbs to move around, like the motors and wheels, and a brain and nervous system to process information. It is logical that you would need these

She/He love story

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " People used to say that proverbs are greater than Vedas... Similarly, in this generation, it appears like proverbs are replaced by SMS and email forwards " Here is a very interesting forward that I got... I thought I will share this with the rest of you guys. She/He...And a love story Friend: Happy birthday! She : Haan...tha......nk yo....u...was just getting up from the bed. Friend : Oh! That means I am the first to wish you! She : Naa! He has already wished me at 12 in the night. Friend : Who??? She : Come on, who else, Nitin. Friend : Oh, ok. So, what's the plan for today? She : Nitin told me that he has a surprise gift for me for my Birthday. And also we are going to Flower Show today. I am excited! I have never seen the flower show that happens in Lal Baug. Actually that itself is the most wonderful gift for me. ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ---------

"Food" for thought - Opinions?

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " The will to survive is the strongest force in nature that will drive a person to do just about anything " ( Opinion question is in the end of the article. You can skip directly to it ) Brief Introduction There was a story about why the popular belief that mothers will give up their lives for children is a myth. An experiment was conducted to prove that when the mother's life was in danger, she wouldn't mind killing her baby. A mother and baby monkey were put in a glass tank. Then water was poured into the tank. As the water gradually began to rise, the mother raised the baby from the ground. As the water rose higher the mother raised the baby higher. However, when the water reached the nose, the monkey put the baby under it, and climbed over the baby and escaped from the cage, leaving the baby to drown. Of course, you can conclude that the mother realised that there was no point in sacrificing both lives, so if at least one could surv

The Crumbling Tree

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " A tree may look healthy from the outside, but will crumble down because of the termites within " A simple quote to describe a very disturbing situation. Kasab, the terrorist who has been coming in the news lately, was pronounced guilty on several charges. But two other people, Indians, were acquitted due to lack of enough evidence. While some may feel that the lack of evidence and subsequent acquittal is disturbing, I feel that the very fact that two Indians were involved is all the more disturbing... Ours is a diverse country where you can see all kinds of people - White collared, blue collared, rich and poor, fair and dark, high and low, upright and corrupt... We have people with different religions, etc. Earlier, there was a focus on targetting Muslims for supporting terror. Well, whether or not that was proved, it can now be very easily said that religion based focus no longer holds good... The most recent two moles about whom I read and h

A dark night... An amateur attempt

Swami Nikhilaananda said: " With advent of newer and better technology, it is very simple to manipulate anything - After this, whom and what to trust or distrust is indeed a question worth pondering " Photoshop and Gimp are just cases in points that I would like to say here. Self explanatory. Here are some photos edited/created by friends of mine... Of course, it is just to show what you can do with software. I think it is now possible to plant people in locations where they have never been in their entire life with great ease. I wish George Clooney knew how to use Photoshop. He would not have to go through the trouble of taking photos for his sister in Up In The Air. Srivathsan's - Ruins [Srivathsan has many other images to his credit, I don't have the public links as of now] Amoolya Tatti's - Lunar Surface Amoolya Tatti's - Wooing the moon Amoolya Tatti's - Tiger Ah well, these guys are clearly pros. So, I thought of trying to pull a stunt :P H

100th Post... What has kept the Swamis busy

Swami Gulagulaananda, Baba Gyani Triviani and Swami Nikhilaananda said in unison: " We hope you have liked reading our quotes and preachings - We would like to take this opportunity to share the things that have kept us busy " We have spoken about a hundred different things - Some that you agree with us, some you strongly disagree with us, some that you simply don't care... We tried to make you think, ponder, analyse, laugh and feel what we feel. Most often, we don't intend to say one thing is right, we just try to make you see our views as well as all views in general. If there are any suggestions, comments, brickbats, or pieces of criticism that you would like to give us, please do. Some things that have kept us Swamis busy In this post, we don't want to preach :-) Instead, we would like to show you some things that we have been working on - Of course, we would love to get as much help from each of you as possible. After all, collaboration is the only way t

Time Travel - Possible?

Swami Nikhilaananda said: " When I asked if a time machine would ever be invented, Baba Gyani Triviani said - sure, haven't you heard of that old joke? They call it a clock " My friend recently asked me about time machines and if I believed in it. I didn't pay much thought to it, and said that I hadn't thought much about it. Later, when she posted a status update on Facebook , I began to think. Of course, you may have seen or heard identical arguments elsewhere, so I am not claiming any originality here. First of all, Artistick proves that a time machine wouldn't work because... Click here to read Please note: The universe is considered to be running on some weird supernatural technology: So, there will be references and analogies to code here and there Case 1: [Single Universe] We are all in a particular time frame. If I go to the past and make some modifications, those changes must affect the future. Say, if I go to the past, and kill a man. Then,