Friday, 28 May 2010

Purpose of existence

Swami Gulagulaananda pondered:
"What is the purpose of life?"

An age old question, that has been getting me to sit and wonder... What exactly is the purpose of life? Not just life, but everything around us. If you look around for a moment, you will see that there is nothing that is wasteful in this universe. Everything is there for a reason, everything happens for a reason. And this is all perfectly logical.

Logic in nature
Let us assume you are building a robot. You would give it motors and wheels to enable it to move. You would add sensors to sense light, sound, heat etc. depending on the requirement. You would add a microcontroller to enable it to collect data from these sensors, process that and take decisions. Now I will give you an analogy. You have eyes, ears and nose which are equivalent to these sensors, limbs to move around, like the motors and wheels, and a brain and nervous system to process information. It is logical that you would need these to build a robot. And nature is full of things that are there because they have to be. A plant needed to prepare food, and developed chloroplasts and other necessary apparatuses for this task. Ants and insects developed wings and mandibles, etc. But there are some things that are even more phenomenal.

There are sperms in males and ova in females. Two entirely different organisms as units. And yet, the sperms are hardwired to get attracted to the chemicals released by the ova. My question is, how do the sperms know what chemical to get attracted to? It is curious in a way. Ants and acacia trees are another example. The acacia tree can get the ant to do something or make it stay away from doing certain things, by releasing chemicals that the ant is hardwired to respond to... How did the tree learn to do that? To simply say evolution is not fully satisfactory is what I feel.

Purpose of life
Alright, we already know enough about these scientific and natural wonders of life, and we also know that every organism has some part of its own for a purpose. My next question is, why are these organisms even existent? If you look around, the only things that every organism does, man included, is take birth, eat, grow, reproduce and die. Fundamentally these are the only things that every organism does. But we already know that everything happens for a reason. So, why is this organism even existent? What is the purpose of simply performing these actions? Obviously there is a purpose for life. It has to be there. Otherwise, the logical setup will fail...

Are we fish in an aquarium?
I sometimes feel that the earth is an aquarium for higher beings (God?) and they are simply watching us do things. Just like we watch fish... or more appropriately, we create robots and watch our creations do the little things we programmed it to do. I say program, because it is very apt. We can actually write a program to mimic organisms, albeit highly complex. In the sense that we can model organism as programs, and perhaps even write code to mimic them. If this is so, then yes, our lives don't have much purpose except serving as entertainment for higher beings.

Are we created to find God? If yes, why?
Some say that the purpose of life, at least life of man, is to find God. I don't find this very logical either. Now, why would God create life, make it evolve till it becomes a highly sophisticated organism capable of contemplation and extreme consciousness and then realise that there is God. Why would God go through all this trouble? Unless God got bored and said, ok, let me create life - my hobby project, akin to how we create hobby robot projects. But other than this, it makes no sense for God to create man just to realise God's existence. If we all die and go back to God, then why create us in the first place? What is the purpose of creating life?

Don't get me wrong. I am not saying - "Oh we are all here for no reason. What is the point of doing anything? In the end we are all going to die anyway." I have actually heard some people talk like this. Let us continue to excel in the fields we are all currently working in. But I am sure this thought will help you understand that a particular failure or success is not everything, for we are not even scratching the "actual" purpose of our lives. Let us take everything in our stride, and live life as it should, without excess of anything, without jealousy or hatred, for it would seem meaningless. I am not sure where karma stands in this context though.

Of course, my knowledge of spirituality is very very limited. Some of my questions probably might be answered somewhere. What I am saying is that, it is a very interesting question to try and understand the purpose of life, and why things are the way they are. And I am sure that it is something extremely logical and intellectually satisfying. Perhaps that is the day we attain Nirvana.

Comments from Facebook

Hemanth Pai
Amazing thoughts , Nik . I have exactly the same thoughts running thru my head every few days :P .. which iam hardened enough to sweep under the carpet of my thinking brain :-)

But after some thought ... i somewhat believe that the 'purpose of life' is asking somebody to talk to give a talk on 'Silence' .. its nor for anyone to discuss / ... See moreexplain .. its something to be experienced ... its like we know when we are ready for that 'something' . So maybe the majority of us fall woefully short of that cutoff and those who actually get an answer are smart enough to keep their mouths shut for good reason :-)

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Thursday, 27 May 2010

She/He love story

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"People used to say that proverbs are greater than Vedas... Similarly, in this generation, it appears like proverbs are replaced by SMS and email forwards"

Here is a very interesting forward that I got... I thought I will share this with the rest of you guys.

She/He...And a love story

Friend: Happy birthday!
: Haan...tha......nk yo....u...was just getting up from the bed.

: Oh! That means I am the first to wish you!
: Naa! He has already wished me at 12 in the night.

: Who???
: Come on, who else, Nitin.

: Oh, ok. So, what's the plan for today?
: Nitin told me that he has a surprise gift for me for my Birthday. And also we are going to Flower Show today. I am excited! I have never seen the flower show that happens in Lal Baug. Actually that itself is the most wonderful gift for me.


: "Did you go to Palace grounds all the way from Basavanagudi, to see Bryan Adam's show!!! Who accompanied you?"
: Nitin

: By the way, who referred your CV in SoCrates? I mean you don't know anyone there, right?
: No, he forwarded my CV to one of his friends there.

: I heard that the HR round interview went on till 8pm in the night. I think you faced difficulty in returning to your room.
: No, he had come to pick me up. He came from his office, dropped me to my room and he returned to his room at around 11pm. He didn't have dinner also. I asked him to have at my room. Poor Nitin.


: If you are supposed to go home tomorrow itself then what about reservation?
: I have told him, he will go to Majestic and would get it done, and he told he has some work in Majestic. That's why I am relaxed a bit.


: How was your written test in Philips?
: I failed yaar. The day before the test I had prepared perfectly. Nitin had come to our room. He taught me the basics of embedded programming concepts. I was very confident only because of him. But something else was in store for me.

: Then, what did you do on Sunday?
: We had gone to see "Lakshya". He doesn't see Hindi movies. But as I was upset after failing in the Philips written test, he took me for movie. I was very happy and surprised that he himself decided for a Hindi movie, and he was very happy that I enjoyed the movie. And you know; we had dinner in Pizza hut. It was his belated B'day treat!

: And, what was your belated gift ;-)
: Gift!! I had given the gift on his B'day itself. I was the first to call him at 12 in the night, he was busy throughout the day, and somehow we could meet in the evening and I gifted him with a cute time piece with a nice quote on it. He doesn't have time sense, so my time piece must always remind him of this. That day he didn't give me any treat as he had to go back to office. Yesterday I had a fight over this, you know! Poor kid.


: Hello...what about our sari shopping program in Malleshwaram?
: Listen, I will call you later.

: You didn't call me back in the morning, so I called now.
: Yeah, when you called I was in Koramangala, with Nitin. He was very upset in the morning. He had a fight with his elder brother. So, it wouldn't have been fair on my part to leave him alone. If I am with him in such situation very soon he comes back to normalcy. So I postponed the Malleshwaram program.


: Hey! What happened? You seem to be very happy today.
: Why not? You know today is one of the most happiest days for me. Nitin got an onsite assignment in UK, for 6 months! That's why I am very happy. All of his hard work paid today. He had been waiting for this opportunity since long. He'll be leaving next month.

: You will miss him.
: Badly. I am so much dependent on him. I must thank Sanju, through him only I got to know Nitin. Without Nitin it would have been very difficult for me to stay in this alien city with no friends, relatives and on top of all, no job. He has been so caring friend all through my tough times in this city, he is so mature, so understanding, so trustworthy...a true friend.

: He loves you yaar.
: I know.

: And you? Don't you love him?
: I don't want to.

: Don't tell me. You also feel for him.
: I know yaar. He has everything that I expect in my dream-life-partner. I know I can never get a true life partner like him. But I don't want to commit.

: What is stopping you? I really don't understand. When Miya-beevi are razi kya karega kazi?
: Please...don't say like that. I never told him that I love him or something like that.

: Is he a fool not to understand your feelings which are so clear from outside only? Poor fellow, don't leave him alone.
: I have told him everything about my family. He knows how orthodox my parents are. They can never expect me marrying a guy from a different caste. They trust me. Come what may, I will not hurt my parent's feelings. I cannot imagine also. Now they are happily searching a guy for me in my native place.

: Hmm, I don't understand at all.


: This Saturday I have to go home, a guy is coming to see me.
: Oh! Is it? Good news yaar. Your first interview! Wish you all the best.

: Any guesses, who is he?
: Please yaar. I am least bothered and least interested. For the sake of my parents' happiness I have agreed for this.


: What about the interview, I was expecting your call actually?
: Nothing so special. I didn't like the guy's attitude. I told my parents clearly. My parents are very understanding and so they too told me that they won't go ahead with this matter.

: But still you should have analyzed properly.
: I shared my views with Nitin. He had called me the next day. He didn't suggest me anything. He didn't tell me to say "yes" or "no", he didn't preach what is right or what is wrong. But after talking to him I was satisfied that whatever decision I took was right.


: Yesterday your mobile was engaged for more than half an hour. I kept trying, but I slept after 11pm.
: Yeah, I was talking to Nitin. He is very much worried about my marriage. He is concerned whether I would get a guy of my choice or not, whether I would be happy with him or not. I was very sad to know this. But I am helpless. I pacified him and convinced that whatever my parents do, that will be the best for me, so no need to worry.

: How Nitin will feel after you get married? Will he not be upset all the time?
: Time will change everything. He will start living again. Was he not leading a normal life before I came into his life? It's all matter of time. Even I can't do anything other than pacifying him and myself with these philosophical statements.


Finally " She" got engaged with a guy of her parent's choice (with her "yes" of course). She is in touch with both Nitin and the new " him" regularly through chatting in Yahoo Messenger.

Finally " She" got happily married to " him", very soon converting Nitin into memories, but deleting the memories was slow and almost impossible for Nitin.


Why do girls do like this?

She needs him when she is new to the city.
She needs his help in finding out a PG or hostel for her
She makes him prepare a good-format-CV for her
She needs him to drop her to the venue of a walk-in interview
She expects him to collect all the consultants' mail ids
She needs him while preparing for the interviews
She needs his help in identifying HER skill sets, strengths and weakness!
She wants him to conduct a mock-interview for her!
She gives her yahoo mail id password so that he can forward her CV to consultants through internet in his office (in office hours!)
She needs him for boosting her confidence when she fails in the 1 st written test in her life
She wants him to take her to M.G Road , Brigade Road, Forum and Big bazaar
She needs his company while visiting all the temples in Malleshwaram on Vijayadashami, though he is not a believer of God.
She asks his opinions on importance of marriage
She wants him to be a shoulder to cry when her parents force her for marriage
She needs his help in preparing her mind for the first interview with a guy
She needs his help in deciding about the marriage proposal
She loves to share her happiness with him when she gets engaged
She expects him to attend her marriage (Come on guys, he is a true friend of her!)

The guy does all this honestly, without saying a single "No".

He loves her.
He cares for her.
Whatever he is today; it is only because of her entry in to his life.
He treats her as his life.
She changed him.
It is only because of her, he is smiling.
It is only because of her, he has forgotten the past bitter experiences.
She is the first person in his life to influence him so much.
He was the " bhatka hua musafir " and she came as his "manzil".
He threw the cigarette in the dust-bin because of her.
He has cultivated a positive attitude towards marriage and family because of her.
She is the perfect Indian woman he has ever seen.
He keeps a photo of Lord Krishna in his purse now; only because of her (also it is her favorite deity!).
Weekends come and go without his notice; it is only because of her.
He stopped going to office on Weekends; it is only because of her.
Onsite project was his dream; he puts all his efforts now, not to get an onsite assignment but to get a job for her in Bangalore.


The girl depends on the guy as if she never lived and can never live without him. Guy behaves as if he has taken birth on this earth only to care for that lady. She treats him as a shoulder to cry and he treats her as a puppy in a rain storm. She loves to depend and he loves to take care, finally they fall in so called "love", ultimately adding an unnecessary trauma to life. Girls want a perfect life partner but they don't want to hurt their parents' feelings, guys know that they can't get her but still they want to care for her(because they want her to be happy wherever she is and with whoever she is).Great! Or shall I say crap!

Or I think no need to be so serious about it.

She gets engaged, life goes on...
Long lasting phone calls become short and sweet, life goes on...
A heart which was used to "Good morning" SMSs learns to be happy with just the "Happy weekend" SMSs, life goes on...
No more "Unread messages" in the yahoo mail, life goes on...
No one to share coffee at "Barista" at the end of a tiring working day, life goes on...
No more consultants' calls to be diverted and life goes on...
He starts smoking again, life goes on...
He is still living in flashback, and no looking back for her, but life goes on...
He gets promoted, he is a manager, she is mother of two kids, and life goes on...
He is in his late twenties, happily married to a beautiful, understanding, mature, caring, broad minded wife! Anyway life goes on...

Who knows, among these "Nitin "s someone will come up as "Cheran" (ace Tamil film director)and make a wonderful movie "My autograph" telling us of his unsuccessful love stories, or someone will come up as "Sudeep"( Kannada film actor turned director) who goes to his flashback after seeing this movie and then decides remaking this movie in Kannada, giving common people an opportunity to relive their past love-life at least for 3 hours, that too with their spouses, without any problem! Because there is " She" in every wife and there is Nitin in every husband (most of the times!). There are dumb spectators like " Friend" who are puzzled to see the whole episode between "She" and Nitin and just ask themselves " WHAT IT IS???" .

Can anyone say that it has never happened in your life...Dare to say no...It happens with all...

Comments from Buzz

Prashanth Bhat - deeeeeeep...

Aditya Padaki - Lo maga... In the time required to read this, 10 love stories wud have sprung up and perhaps even died... Bah! I got so bored seeing the length of this :P :D ...

Shravan S G - deep.... lengthy... but definitely true man... for all such ppl, just get a move on... :)

vinayraj govindarajan - its true......but i am afraid my answers r either weird or at best dont exist!!! but anyway life will still move on,not bcoz something better s in store in the future but bcoz it cant stop even if it wants to.......

Shravan S G - ;) ;) but seriously dude, i felt it was so so true man... always happens... but getting over it is d only solution, n d sooner d better.. cos honestly, it was never meant 2 b.

ramesh m.r - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ..... :-P

:-) ... jokin .. very nice !!!

dolly singh - It's not that, of course the way of "loving" for boys n girls will be different. Boys has different trait which is pataofication girls, roam around, have fun n whn grls becums serious abt relation thn give al that dialogs abt how he is not ready for commitments n al!!! M not saying all boys r same but even al girls r not ... See Moresame so u can say it s a common trait of girls.If it's common for grls thn so as it for boys!!!! No point of pointing at single one.
No reservation policy plz :P :)

Comments from Facebook

Vinayraj Govindarajan
everything in life is predetermined.....even the choices v make in our lives.....then u may ask wats the point in living lik puppets even when v know v will lose anyway??? well v gotta live so tat v may understand y v made those choices and y v had to lose or love for tat matter.......

Anand Bhatia
are you one such person is the question everybody should ask themselves..

Prashanth V H
sounds and reads similar to something or someone!!!!
Every boyfriend does this in a relationship!!!I am so dumb like the 'Nitin' in the story..

Abhishek Kodankiry
Nice man.. :)

Ashrith Kumar
I have a feeling the person we know is u,.. :)

Friday, 14 May 2010

"Food" for thought - Opinions?

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"The will to survive is the strongest force in nature that will drive a person to do just about anything"

(Opinion question is in the end of the article. You can skip directly to it)

Brief Introduction
There was a story about why the popular belief that mothers will give up their lives for children is a myth. An experiment was conducted to prove that when the mother's life was in danger, she wouldn't mind killing her baby. A mother and baby monkey were put in a glass tank. Then water was poured into the tank. As the water gradually began to rise, the mother raised the baby from the ground. As the water rose higher the mother raised the baby higher. However, when the water reached the nose, the monkey put the baby under it, and climbed over the baby and escaped from the cage, leaving the baby to drown.

Of course, you can conclude that the mother realised that there was no point in sacrificing both lives, so if at least one could survive then why not? I am not really sure if monkeys are capable of such rational and complex thought processes.

[Sid from Artistick has this to say about Cannibalism]

Opinion Questions [I'ts picked out from Prison Break, but still think about it]
Case 1:
You are stuck in a desert with a stranger. You both have walked kilometres together and are lost. You might be walking in circles, and there is no food or water (no cactii either) . The stranger tries to kill you, to eat you out of desperation. You suddenly realise this, and dodge the attack and land a blow on him, knock him down and drop the rock over him killing him.
Would YOU eat him? He may be the only source of food for quite some days, and you might end up dying out of starvation...

Case 2:
You are stuck in a desert with a stranger. Same situation as case 1, except he has not attacked you. You are both walking and you realise how hopeless the situation is... Would YOU attack him to kill him and eat him up?

Case 3:
You are stuck in a desert with a friend. Same situation as case 2.

And be honest. Nobody is judging you and you don't have to be politically correct. This is just to know how strong is the sense of survival is in you. I know this is a hypothetical situation, but try to imagine and be as realistic as possible.

Comments from Buzz

shreyas ravindran - i dont think ill kill another person just for the sake of eatin him.. self defence... yes.. eatin... no... m a vegetarian n i'd like 2 b a vegetarian no matter wot the situation is... :)

shreyas ravindran - it depends on ur principles.. it comes down 2 dat at the end.. u either hold on 2 it.. or u throw it out of the window.. i think ill hold on 2 it :D

dolly singh - God knows wat will i do in such situation but i don't think i can eat any person,. killing in self defense possible.. but eating them NO NO NO!!

Adarsh B - I'm no T-Bag.....

Comments from Facebook [only poll answers are posted here, rest are not]

Mac Nirmal Lobo
oh cmon as long as the person is juicy enough anyone would eat him angelina jolie

Monday, 3 May 2010

The Crumbling Tree

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"A tree may look healthy from the outside, but will crumble down because of the termites within"

A simple quote to describe a very disturbing situation. Kasab, the terrorist who has been coming in the news lately, was pronounced guilty on several charges. But two other people, Indians, were acquitted due to lack of enough evidence. While some may feel that the lack of evidence and subsequent acquittal is disturbing, I feel that the very fact that two Indians were involved is all the more disturbing...

Ours is a diverse country where you can see all kinds of people - White collared, blue collared, rich and poor, fair and dark, high and low, upright and corrupt... We have people with different religions, etc. Earlier, there was a focus on targetting Muslims for supporting terror. Well, whether or not that was proved, it can now be very easily said that religion based focus no longer holds good... The most recent two moles about whom I read and heard are Hindus - Sarwan, an army gunner and Madhuri Gupta who you all would have recently heard about.

I think it is very important for us to analyse why these people fell prey to such enticements. I mean, go to any average Indian, and ask him/her if he/she would fall for this and I am sure that the immediate answer would be a very patriotic one, if not jingoistic - Absolutely not!! I would rather die than betray my Motherland... How is it that these people fell for it?

One often tends to think insufficient money is the reason - There is a general opinion among people that since people are given low salaries, they tend to become corrupt and end up taking bribes. Again, this might be true... But does it mean that if a person is not earning enough, he will sell his country? Just imagine if soldiers start thinking like this. Also, think how it would be if a rival company offered you a lot of money to leak your company secrets - would you? Of course, there are always exceptions. Not all poor people are corrupt, and all corrupt people are definitely not poor. There are varying types and degrees in corruption. There is a proverb in Kannada - aane kadru kaLLa, adike kadru kaLLa - which means that you are a thief, whether you steal a small beetelnut or a large elephant. Of course, I would like to disagree with it in this context. A traffic policeman pocketing Rs 100 instead of collecting Rs 300 is several times better than an army gunner or an Indian diplomat selling their country.

What I am trying to say is, we need to first of all understand what are the different means of enticement that is being used by the enemy. We also need to understand why our men are falling for it. Then, we should ensure that our men don't fall for them - Of course, huge amounts of money that the enemy offered to our diplomat could not be replaced by huge amounts of money from our government. In that case, we should see if it was only monetory greed that made her fall for it. It is extremely important that we have a pristine structure - If we have moles within our system, then no matter how careful you are while planning, your information begins to get leaked out. Was there not enough patriotism instilled in these people? Also, I think certain tests should be constantly run in all personnel - there will be slip ups, and we can then catch these guys before they create problems... I am honestly at a loss on how you would identify moles and double agents. But I do know as all of you would, that the quote mentioned at the beginning is a hundred percent true

Sunday, 2 May 2010

A dark night... An amateur attempt

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"With advent of newer and better technology, it is very simple to manipulate anything - After this, whom and what to trust or distrust is indeed a question worth pondering"

Photoshop and Gimp are just cases in points that I would like to say here. Self explanatory. Here are some photos edited/created by friends of mine... Of course, it is just to show what you can do with software. I think it is now possible to plant people in locations where they have never been in their entire life with great ease. I wish George Clooney knew how to use Photoshop. He would not have to go through the trouble of taking photos for his sister in Up In The Air.

Srivathsan's - Ruins
[Srivathsan has many other images to his credit, I don't have the public links as of now]
Amoolya Tatti's - Lunar Surface
Amoolya Tatti's - Wooing the moon
Amoolya Tatti's - Tiger

Ah well, these guys are clearly pros. So, I thought of trying to pull a stunt :P HEre's mine - I call it, Dark Night. Click on the image to enlarge

Dark Night [Final]

Saturday, 1 May 2010

100th Post... What has kept the Swamis busy

Swami Gulagulaananda, Baba Gyani Triviani and Swami Nikhilaananda said in unison:
"We hope you have liked reading our quotes and preachings - We would like to take this opportunity to share the things that have kept us busy"

We have spoken about a hundred different things - Some that you agree with us, some you strongly disagree with us, some that you simply don't care... We tried to make you think, ponder, analyse, laugh and feel what we feel. Most often, we don't intend to say one thing is right, we just try to make you see our views as well as all views in general.

If there are any suggestions, comments, brickbats, or pieces of criticism that you would like to give us, please do.

Some things that have kept us Swamis busy
In this post, we don't want to preach :-) Instead, we would like to show you some things that we have been working on - Of course, we would love to get as much help from each of you as possible. After all, collaboration is the only way to move ahead and grow. Every bit of help is appreciated

A site that originally had a variety of characters, the focus has now shifted to a group of stick characters who call themselves "Artistick". Sid, Tina, Ramses, Rahul and the Boss talk about a variety of things ranging from the geekiest to the craziest, to some funny ticklers and some involving romance. Artistick's newest breakthrough was their ability to move (something we hope to develop into a more professional version with passage of time)

Illuminati Puzzles:
Named after the famous Illuminati that laid a trail only the brightest could solve, this is a series of puzzles that will grow slowly. With a series of levels, each one can be crossed by getting a password - The password is obtained by solving the puzzle in each page that range from ciphers to rebuses to random limericks. If you have any puzzles (preferably original) that you would like to share, please do use the contact page, and due credit will be given. Try getting your grey matter a little greased up, and get your cogs running.

Chronicles of Nikhil Baliga
This site is a blog that has three fictitious Swamis, where generally every post has a Swami who makes prophetic statements or sometimes quips, and this is followed by an explanation. The name of the blog is Chronicles of Nikhil Baliga, however, the link is LifeAsIKnowIt-Nik... Self explanatory?
  • Swami Gulagulaananda - The original and oldest Swami, he is the wisest of them all. Generally Gulagulaananda makes prophetic statements, and goes full on against things that he disapproves of, especially hype and media.
  • Baba Gyani Triviani - The disciple of Gulagulaananda, his name indicates that he is wise, as well as knows a lot of titbits - He generally makes quips at the same time, tries to spread his wisdom. And yes, it was made to sound like Tribbiani :P
  • Swami Nikhilaananda - The more contemporary Swami, he is the disciple of Triviani. He generally discusses things that happen to him, more of personal experiences and direct thoughts, unlike pondering, deductions, and thought trains as in the past two.

Swami Gulagulaananda's site:
A site that was primarily intended to be a repository for Hindu mythological stories and meanings of various traditions and customs, Swami Gulagulaananda has been growing slowly. It was originally designed to resemble a wiki site, with various cross links. Unfortunately, the size of such sites and resources can hardly grow to a respectable size if only a single person is working towards it. Swami Gulagulaananda once again calls out to various contributors to send typed content - The editing will be taken care of, and published, and again, due credit will be given. You can also join in as a collaborator and help maintain the site.

The Software Site - Software by Nikhil Baliga
The first site created by me, this was primarily a portal to host various programs I wrote while learning to code. All programs were given away for free, and some are listed on various freeware sites. Some received a lot of appreciation. The programs are no longer supported, but are available for download. Again, since they are written by a single person, you will not find them great, and they obviously won't be comparable with professional versions... But I hope you find them good :-) This site has useful software and some games for time pass. The site was automatically migrated from Google Pages to Google sites. So, don't expect anything to look good on it.

That's about all the things that we work on. These sites have contact pages that you can use to send me any emails. If you feel like appreciating anything, please do so :) Of course, I prefer cash :P I am also on twitter if you want to listen to me chirping - @baliganikhil

Time Travel - Possible?

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"When I asked if a time machine would ever be invented, Baba Gyani Triviani said - sure, haven't you heard of that old joke? They call it a clock"

My friend recently asked me about time machines and if I believed in it. I didn't pay much thought to it, and said that I hadn't thought much about it. Later, when she posted a status update on Facebook, I began to think. Of course, you may have seen or heard identical arguments elsewhere, so I am not claiming any originality here.

First of all, Artistick proves that a time machine wouldn't work because... Click here to read

Please note:
The universe is considered to be running on some weird supernatural technology: So, there will be references and analogies to code here and there

Case 1: [Single Universe]
We are all in a particular time frame. If I go to the past and make some modifications, those changes must affect the future. Say, if I go to the past, and kill a man. Then, in the future of that past, which could be the present, that man or his children should not exist. Then, how will others get affected by his disappearance? If that man was talking to a woman (in the present) precisely at the instant I kill him in the past (there will, of course, be a master clock synchronising time frames - electronics engineers will know better) will he disappear in the present? If he does, then will the woman have memories of that man? Or should no memories exist about that man with anyone? He should also disappear from all photos, records, etc.

For this to happen, the whole world should be updated in an atomic process. All photos, records, memories of people should be updated in one shot. All changes made by this person should be undone. This is fairly complex - If that person was, say a mason who laid some bricks in a building. Then will those bricks get selectively removed? If he was a programmer, software would crash. If he was a driver, will those people be returned to places where they started the journey? If yes, then the things that those people did at the destinations will also get undone, because they would not have made that trip at all, since the driver was also non existent.

The simplest way to solve this problem is to roll back the universe by the number of years by which the person made the time travel to kill that man... This would mean that every time a time travel is made, all changes after the interval of travel is lost forever. So, if a person goes back by 5 years, everything that happened in the past 5 years gets undone. This also means that most likely, only one time travel can be made, since the time machine will be lost as well (not necessarily, but likely).

This would have another problem - if he goes back in time in a time machine to a period before the time machine was created, will the time machine continue to exist? If not, then he will be stuck in the past forever, and there will be two of him there. Therefore, I don't think this situation can exist.

Case 2: [Multiple Universe - Or Time Frames]
Again, take a similar example of going to past and killing a man. Now, we have seen in case 1 that it is fairly complex to do such complex operations (roling back universe). So, we can simplify this by creating multiple time frames. In this case, when I go to the past, I am leaving current time frame to a different time frame. Killing a person there, will eliminate that person in that time frame. Thereafter, the future of that time frame will carry on, as if that person never existed. However, he will continue to exist in this time frame. Now this will take us to two situations

Case 2a: [Multiple Time Frames already Exist]
This means that there are an infinite number of time frames existing, where each time frame is offset from another time frame by a fixed period of time. Therefore, the time machine can be made to point to any of these time frames. It is similar to having an array of time frames. Clearly, the resources required to run such a system is huge!! This has an added overhead of constantly updating time frame pointers... (need to rethink this whole thing again - little complex). Thus, I doubt if this situation can exist as well.

Case 2b: [Time Frames get created on run time]
This means that initially only one time frame exists. But an archive of events (every event ever) is maintained in one repository from time zero. When a time machine is used to go back in time, a clone of the universe is created, and we go back to a period - And the information for that time frame can be pulled out from the "History Repository". Thereafter, any changes made there, will affect events in that time frame. Here, it is akin to creating objects as and when we require them. The limiting factor would be amount of resources available to sustain such enviroments. Will there ever be an out-of-memory exception? Also, note that in none of these cases can a time frame be erased. So, memory is never being freed.

Thus, to conclude, multiple time frames either exist infinitely (less probable) or cannot be destroyed and will persist forever (which means only a limited number of time trips can be made - limiting factor would be amount of resources or memory)

Please note: Killing a person merely indicates an event in this discussion. You can replace it by any other event of your choice

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