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To pee or not to pee... That is the question

Baba Gyani Triviani said: " To pee or not to pee... That is the question " Two fantastic urinals in restaurant Krishi Urinal 1 - The guy who is peeing here will be on display to the guy who opens the door, who had gone in to take a dump... So, that guy should either wait till this guy is done peeing, or stand and watch this guy... Talk about planning! Urinal 2 - The guy who is peeing here will be on display to the guy who is washing his hands - Who the hell uses a glass partition?

Profiling using twitter

Swami Nikhilaananda thought: " People say so much on social networking sites, that if we design a system to collect and analyse that data, we can build a model of that person and be able to judge how that person works " *** This is just a random thought of mine, that is not complete. More will follow as I get a little clearer on this. Do post some ideas of yours... Oh, and let me know if any you guys are interested in pursuing this :P *** Social networking sites like Orkut , Facebook and micro blogging site Twitter have taken the world by storm. They are immensely popular, with several thousands of people being members of these sites and growing networks. Just imagine if we can collect information systematically and analyse them, process them and design a model of them. You don't need to do this manually. It is fairly simple to write programs to do data mining for you, and you can write programs that use machine learning to do the processing and analysis once you d

Skandagiri Trip

Swami Nikhilaananda said: " Bad luck always comes in wholesale, but the sun always rises after the dark night " We had planned to have a trip somewhere close by. It started off with only a handful of people. But as the planning progressed, we had more and more people joining in. Finally, after some confusion about who was coming and who was not, we had a group of 17 people. We had booked a Swaraj Mazda - a 21 seater mini bus. We met up at two of our friends' houses, and the vehicle picked us all up, and by around one, we were hurtling towards Skandagiri. The bus journey was a regular one, with friends catching up and frequent jokes being made about one another. We had crossed the airport by then... Some time later, there seemed to be a small commotion, and we found that one of our friends had a severe stomach ache. She started crying and asked for the vehicle to be turned back. If we had done that, then by the time we would reach the hill after returning to the city,

The Medallion

The Medallion Swami Gulagulaananda said: " Personal relationships shouldn't hinder duty, and duty shouldn't hinder personal relationships. But if they do clash, they use the principles of Dharma to resolve the issue " You can now read the story from the book - Swami G's Short Stories Buy now - Just $0.99 As she lay on her deathbed, she looked at her two young sons with extreme anguish in her pale eyes. She held the elder son’s little hand in her blood-drained hand, and said “Raj, my son, I don’t have much time left to be with you both. I want you to take good care of your younger brother. You are a strong young man.” With a lot of effort she took out two identical large copper medallions attached to a black thread each, and put one around each son, saying “Just remember that you both will always remain united through me. Raj, promise me that you will always take care of him” Before Raj could promise, her hand went limp, and her eyes half closed. Te

I am from a country where...

Baba Gyani Triviani said: " I sometimes don't understand what is happening around me... And yet I am called a Swami who knows all - I don't understand that either " I am from a country where... people are actually fighting to be called "Backward" and show proof also to support it most people are either khota or under quota people become happy for introducing more reservations and quotas and don't realise that it is dividing people on more lines than already existing the benchmark for calling someone minority got erased long back. There exists only one rule - Hindus are majorities, everyone else is a minority people run marathons for causes... that's it! [ Artistick makes fun of marathons here ] I am made to listen to opinions of a VJ (who was uncomfortable because there was nobody to press the *BEEP* button) who is sitting with top Army officials and top politicians about diplomatic issues. I am made to read the opinions about any thing on earth o

Swamis - Famed first, framed later... How true is this?

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " Godmen come and Godmen go, for we are all mere mortals - True faith should be placed towards God alone. Godmen are mere facilitators. They hold a map pointing you towards your goal. If you don't like one, go to the other. Even if you don't go to a Godman, you will ultimately still reach your goal. All roads ultimately lead to Sri Krishna " The recent scandal of Swami Nithyananda resulted in quite a lot of hullaballoo. For those who are unaware of what we are talking about, a famous Swami was allegedly caught on video whilst performing certain sleazy acts. The Swami and his loyal aides say that the video is fake, and that his image was morphed. Should we really believe whatever is shown at its face value? Let's just see how this works. Let's analyse this case by case, by making certain assumptions. One case would be the obvious one, where the Swami on tape is the real Swami and he was in reality performing sleazy acts. This is th