Nik's Barber's Flowchart

Swami Nikhilaananda said:
"I don't mind close shaves in life... But I do mind it when my barber does it on my head"

Here's my barber's flowchart. He asks me for what kind of a cut I want... And then........

[Click on the image for full size]


Anonymous said…
Haha! Kindly support your flowchart with a neat diagram or photograph :P
Roshni said…
I second Amoolya :P Photograph needed as a concrete proof :)
Nik said…
Very funny you guys... After being insulted on my face, I don't think I am in a mood to go looking for virtual insults :P
Roshni said…
Awww come on :) After such a nice and descriptive flowchart we are very curious :P

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