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Nik's Barber's Flowchart

Swami Nikhilaananda said: " I don't mind close shaves in life... But I do mind it when my barber does it on my head " Here's my barber's flowchart. He asks me for what kind of a cut I want... And then........ [ Click on the image for full size ]

Big Bang Theory - Nerd Test

Baba Gyani Triviani said: " Nerds of the same feather, flock together " Have you ever watched the comedy series "Big Bang Theory" ? It's a story about four nerds, and a pretty girl. The nerds always talk in complex jargon, involving physics, sub-atomic particles, computers and other science and engineering concepts. Here's a conversation that happened among a bunch of engineers, mostly from PESIT. Oh, I like to call it " Nerd Test ". Here is the conversation thread. It's pretty funny if you understand it... And if you understand it, you are a nerd. It all started with Nikhil Narayan Buzz ing about the sad realities of life... Begin Conversation ----- Nikhil Narayan - Buzz - Public - Muted Life is a vicious circle of waiting: You wait for a person who is waiting for another person who is waiting for another person (to the power n) who is waiting for another person who is inturn waiting for you. anusha k - phew youur statement is mor


Quirk : By B. Nikhil Baliga You can now read the story from the book - Swami G's Short Stories Buy now - Just $0.99 The cold metallic barrel of the 0.38 automatic against his hip gave him a strange comforting feeling. He was nervous and comforted by it at the same time. To be honest, he was anxious, scared... He could feel his heart pound against his chest as he stood waiting under the street-lamp. He had worn the trench coat she had gifted him on his birthday. Every time he touched his forearm, it reminded him of the pale ghostly face he had seen in the hospital. The faded yellow light of the street-light showed a grey hat pulled against his head, and that along with his over turned collar covered his face quite well. He had kept his head at an incline to hide his face even more. The only illumination that could faintly reveal his granite hard mask of a face was the dim glow from the red tipped cigarette, slowly smouldering, releasing wisps into the cold night.

Moral right

Swami Gulagulaananda asked: " Given the ability to kill a person at will, would you kill all criminals or would you feel that killing criminals is a crime, and that would put me in the same basket as them? " A very interesting question, this is also the theme of very popular anime series, "Deathnote" and popular TV show, "Dexter". This question is being asked to each of you, because there is always a difference between the politically correct answer, and the answer that you feel crying out from within, which is often suppressed, because you don't want others to look at you in a weird manner, although, many times, they also feel the same. If you know that a certain person has committed a crime, should you allow the justice machinery to take care of it? Or should you step in and take law into your hands and serve your version of justice? Let me give you some simple real life examples. Consider the infamous Mumbai attacks of 26/11. We know that certai

Times of India is becoming immature

Swami Gulagulaananda slapped his forehead and said: " Corrupt or stupid media being followed by a billion yes-men is not a great combination " This is with regard to an article that came on the newspaper Times of India (TOI), dated 5th February. There is a certain article against the Sri Rama Sene (SRS) , where the newspaper has published a series of comments of various readers, including "famous" people like Prasad Bidapa. By posting something that most people like to hear, there are not many voices against it. What I find interesting about that article, is that there was not a single post which spoke with a pro side of the organisation. All the comments that were posted there were anti SRS. Now I am sure that you will have the thought saying - "Ha, come on Nik, who the hell is even pro SRS? They are a bunch of thugs who beat up random people just to show power..." Ok, let's take this argument and keep it aside for a moment. Till today, I don't

An interesting study - Y-Chromosome and 'Gothra'

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " Foolish are those who get charmed by others, leave their beliefs and follow others, and then get back to them when others say that the original was better " This is a copy of a mail that I received. Makes a very interesting read. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Y-Chromosome and 'Gothra' Recently, US President (& Author of Declaration of Independence of United States) Thomas Jefferson's paternity of his slave Sally Fleming's children has been in news. For nearly 200 years, since US president Thomas Jefferson's time, many traditionalists maintained that Jefferson did not cohabit with Sally. But some descendants of Sally maintained otherwise and claimed to be progeny of the ex-president. This old historical controversy has now been resolved using modern genetic DNA analysis methods (Reference - Founding father by Eric S Lander &