Redundant Questions

Baba Gyani Triviani asked
"Do super-villains shout out their plans?"

Apparently a boy, who used to do odd jobs for a living, was being ill-treated by his former boss. So, he quit his job on a radio talk show. The RJ, was moved by his pitiful situation. So, she decided to go on a job hunting campaign for him. What does she do? She asked on air if anyone in Bangalore will do anything for him. Then there were calls from various people who said that they would get him a house to stay, or some work, etc. There was finally one man who told that he needed a Bisleri delivery boy, and would be paid Rs. 3000. She asked if he would be given accommodation, and he said that a room would be given.

Then she asked if he would be ill-treated. This is where I rolled my eyes. Ok, I can understand that his former employer ill-treated him, and perhaps he has some trauma, but you think and tell me - which man would tell on a live radio show that he was going to ill-treat the boy whom he is going to hire? I found this question to be ridiculous and redundant. She asked it a couple of times, and that man said that he would not ill-treat him, and finally, this boy agreed to join him. And then, apparently, the RJ was really happy and excited. The End!


Schezerade said…
I really believe that evil super villains always announce their plans. I mean seriously this is India after all.

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