Intelligent or moronic? You decide...

Baba Gyani Triviani laughed:
"Morons are fun, but intelligent morons are funnier"

So, today I was coming back home by bus, and was happily dozing off... Shortly, I got up to see a huge traffic jam very close to Silk Board (which is a very busy place - nothing irregular about it) and I was looking out of the window and saw this scene.

A man who was riding his bike, stopped at the footpath, and wanted to take his bike over it. He could have actually gone around the circle - but hey, riding one hundred metres more is a moral sin! So, instead, he decides to work smart, and not work hard. So, he parks his bike, lifts a huge almost rectangular rock, and places it along the pavement. Then he tries to move his bike on the rock from the side - and tries and tries... all in vain. Meanwhile, a vulture of a scooterist who was patiently standing in the side swoops in, and rides on the rock from a different angle. And voila! He successfully rides over the rock, and bamm!! his front wheel has gone across, but the scooter's bottom is lying flat against the rock!

I was grinning to myself, thinking what an idiot he was... Then he got off, and used his might to push the scooter against the rock and he managed to get it on the footpath, and vrooom he went... Now, I was amused and also a little impressed - But hey, show's not yet over. The motorcyclist realised that the scooterist had shown to him "the path towards victory". So, he takes the bike back, and starts riding in the same angle as that of the scooterist. His first wheel goes across the rock, and bamm!! his bike's body is scraping against the rock! Oh, now how could that happen - If only he knew!

The scene was hilarious. However, the motorcyclist knew the solution - All he needs to do is get off, and push it, just like the scooterist did. I think he forgot metal bikes are way heavier than plastic scooters :D Then I could see a man getting red and panting... Then a good samaritan decided to help out the moron... I was chuckling to myself by now, when the signal turned green. Oh boy, do we have a lot of intelligentia or what? It would have taken him five seconds to go around the circle, and took five minutes for this circus :-)


SwAtHi ShArMa said…
lol seriously moronic! :D

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