Need for a united India

Swami Gulagulaananda preached:
"A bundle of sticks will never break, a single twig shalt quickly snap;
Beware of all these foreign helpers, for this is indeed a vicious trap"

I don't know if a lot of people are aware of this bit of news that I just happened to read in today's Times of India. A Chinese web-site claims that if Beijing exerts a little pressure, then India is already ready for dismemberment. They claim that by forming an alliance with all of India's neighbours, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh, China is going to splinter India into 20-30 smaller independent pieces. It also claims that India was never a country at any point in her history, and was merely held together by Hindus (who have been termed as decadent)

Well, whether this is factually true or not, is secondary. Let us have a quick look at the status. There are certain facts that we need to understand. India is a vastly diverse country, having all kinds of people, belonging to all kinds of sections - We have Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, and every other religion that you can think of. I am primarily focussing on religion rather than languages and other types for a reason. Most of the fights that occur are because of these. Either the fights occur among religions, or within religions. And let us face it - Every religion has castes within them. So, let us not get into that argument. If you don't believe me, you can look it up. They may not term them as 'castes' but may call them as sects, classes or whatever you wish to call them.

Then there are also several types of freedom organisations within our country - Each fighting for his or her group's cause. We have the ULFA, Naxals, revolting Nagas and several more. Mind you, I am talking about internal organisations, and not the ones that come from across the border. What is the problem with these organisations? The main problem is that they are weakening us from within. They are like termites that are corroding the structure from inside, while a powerful outsider can, with one massive blow, just crack open the entire federation and leave each piece for the hungry wolves.

Among the countries listed above, China is the deadliest of all. The rest of them are merely minions comparatively. Their collective power is nothing compared to India's, if they try to go head on against India. So, what is the better option? Start creating a weakness from within, and then land a blow from outside. Ok, analyse the countries. Nepal and Bhutan are smaller than almost every Indian state. This means that, they can only support China by providing land. Bangladesh is like an explosive in your belly. India is the only neighbour on every side of Bangladesh, and with a large population, they can start pouring into India, and create a lot of trouble later. Pakistan is relatively very formidable, because of their nuclear status. And nothing needs to be told about China.

However, these smaller countries need to understand that China is not going to spare them in case of an invasion. They will simply be devoured by the dragon. Pakistan will get a lot of spoils, most notably Kashmir. Somehow, it reminds me of World War II with China being equivalent to Germany, and Pakistan like Italy, and these other smaller aggressors like their equivalent in Europe. Sadly, the opposition in this case, is only one country. A country, with a great potential, but sadly corroding from within. A country, which can still offer a stiff resistance, as long as China is not coming head on.

But this teaches us a valuable lesson - We should learn to be united in spite of all these differences. The only way we can even stand a chance, is if we don't weaken from the inside and stand like one solid block, without any fragments. As we know, the chain always breaks at the weakest link, and they intend to create numerous weak links, but perhaps providing arms and ammunition and supporting those who want to split India from within. We should purge out the weak links - either by holding a dialogue, or by an aggressive alternative... The objective of this move is very clear and singular: To ensure that no weak link remains on the inside. And another very important thing that we should learn to cultivate is to work with single minded devotion and work very aggressively towards reaching that goal. China has been doing this quite a lot. A lot of people criticise China for being ruthless, not democratic, etc. But if you look at the end result, if China is pervading while India is eating dust, we would rather not have the current thing going on... It is time to drop the facade, and get ready for action - Jai Hind!


Aditya Padaki said…
Totally agree... :) Jai Hind!!!

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