Well, Veda tagged me for answering this Q&A set. And she said that I never cease to impress her - That kinda puts a lot of pressure on me, you know? :P Well, anyway, let's get cracking...

Your crazy about
nothing long enough. I like something, then I love it, then I love it more... Then I drop it. (Yikes ! But it's true)

Your first thought when you hear ‘Pink’
Gay people

You are impressed by
Stuff that someone else can do far better than I can...

You are turned off by
Lack of logic, lack of emotion, boot-lickers

Your glad you aren’t
Anyone else!! I rock :-)

You know you're sad when
I am unable to smile for a long time, and have this sad look (imagine puppy-dog-eyes)

Music is
something that gets me in the groove, and gets me out of the "You know you're sad when..." situation

Male :P (That was intentional, people)

Do you want to find your better half now?
Yes. If I find my better half, then definitely... Searching is the problem. Someone do that for me please...

Commitment, right now?
Yaaa! If the above question is satisfied, that is ...

Best part about School?
Friends. And all the amazing memories

Best part about college?
Friends. And all the amazing memories. Frankly nothing else differs for us :P

How will you handle this recession?
Let's just stick to "Trade Secret" ;-) (Frankly, no idea)

Career over love?
No. Both are independent, and I think I can strike a balance.

You hate it when
People do stuff that turn me off (refer above)

Your sibling is
N/A !

You know your in trouble when
I have to depend on someone else for something

You know your in love when
I do all the stupid things lovers usually do, without feeling stupid.

You wish you had
Key to uncle Scrooge's money vault :P

Inevitable, embrace it.

Old age?
Don't want to be there - If I do reach there, want to be healthy

Your favorite stress buster
Hanging out with friends

Thrifty or splurgey?
Balanced - It depends on the situation.

Favorite game?

You’d lay down your ego for?
Some special friends

You don’t understand
Women !! [And yet I have them as my best friends]

Common perception about you, which is untrue.
This is interesting - Different people have different perceptions about me... Really weird ones at times

Something that is actually true.
I go to some weird extents out of my way to help people at times...

I believe. Therefore I am ( God :-) )

Love them loads... Cannot explain with words.

I tag Ramesh M R to come up with more interesting answers


Silverstreak said…
I want keys to Uncle Scrooge's vault too!:)

Nice blog!!:)
Unknown said…
cool questions and answers as well...

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