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Well, Veda tagged me for answering this Q&A set. And she said that I never cease to impress her - That kinda puts a lot of pressure on me, you know? :P Well, anyway, let's get cracking... Your crazy about nothing long enough. I like something, then I love it, then I love it more... Then I drop it. (Yikes ! But it's true) Your first thought when you hear ‘Pink’ Gay people You are impressed by Stuff that someone else can do far better than I can... You are turned off by Lack of logic, lack of emotion, boot-lickers Your glad you aren’t Anyone else!! I rock :-) You know you're sad when I am unable to smile for a long time, and have this sad look (imagine puppy-dog-eyes) Music is something that gets me in the groove, and gets me out of the "You know you're sad when... " situation Sex? Male :P (That was intentional, people) Do you want to find your better half now? Yes. If I find my better half, then definitely... Searching is the problem. Some