Thursday, 19 February 2009

Student Goons

Baba Gyani Triviani said

"The purpose of education is not just to disseminate information, but to instill values"

Everyday, we read in the newspapers about rowdy sheeters hacking one another to death due to gang rivalries and personal grudges. At the outset, we just look at this as habitual offenders committing crimes, and don't pay much attention to it as we consider it to be irrelevant to us, the civilised people... However, hooliganism or "goondagiri" seems to be coming closer to people of the civilised society as well. There have been several disturbing cases of college students resorting to hooliganism on campus.

Why do college students develop an inclination towards hooliganism? One of the main reasons, perhaps could be due to Attention Deficit Disorder. They want to be seen as famous "cool" people. Conventionally, cool people are depicted to be moving around in gangs, with people turning their heads around to get a glimpse of them as they walk past stylishly. They want to be seen as icons, and being unable to gain that status, use forcible means such as bullying and instilling fear in the minds of people. Ragging and trying to show off by getting meek juniors to do their work to project themselves as heroes is quite common on college campuses.

Speaking of heroes, several movies are based on lives of rowdies and underworld dons, supposedly portraying reality. However, these movies seem to glorify the protagonists, and somehow end up giving them the image of a role model. These movies should be shown with the moral that, going through this dark path of crime is not going to get us anywhere except hitting the cul de sac, where only death on the streets in the hands of a rival gang member or the long arm of law awaits us. Movies and movie stars inspire a lot of people although the educated population claims that they are capable of thinking on their own. College students copy a lot of things from movie stars, starting from their hair styles, actions, way of talking or walking and so on. It does not take a student too long to mimic an actor playing a rowdy. Therefore, movie makers must be very careful about the message that is being delivered.

Politicians also tend to exploit a situation where they make use of these students in fighting a proxy war for them. Being under the canopy of politics shields these students from police action. This makes them feel they are above law, resulting in a snowball effect. Doing what they want, and getting away with it also encourages more people coming under this influence. Students getting into politics is not bad per se, as this is likely to bring good and young leaders into our polity. However, responsibility should be shown in harnessing the immense power of the youth, by channelling it for constructive purposes only.

When children show an inclination towards bullying others, they should be immediately reprimanded. Many times, small instances ignored will make a child to believe that this is acceptable. This can be extended to adolescents as well. When hooligan tendencies are forgiven, the goons take it as a sign of acceptance. However, the question that arises in the minds of most people would be - How to oppose this? The reason the hooligans are able to throw their weight around is mostly because people are too meek or scared to question them. Most juniors don't mind getting ragged as they believe being prudent avoids getting into unwanted trouble.

Are there any solutions to hooliganism on campuses? Yes. First, political influence should not cloud the judgements of the college management or the police. The colleges should make strict rules regarding discipline and any kind of misbehaviour on the parts of students should be dealt with severely. The police should be very discreet when complaints about rowdies are being filed. This way, the complainant will be able to lodge a complaint without fearing repercussions. Counselling could be a useful tool to understand why students haven chosen this path. Moral education and parental guidance play key roles in development of personality in today's environment of degrading morality. Teachers should not look at students through the glasses of suspicion or sneer, but should inspire a student. In the end, the purpose of education is not just to disseminate information, but to instill values

Friday, 6 February 2009

Pub Culture

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"If I am a chain smoker and you are one, and I ask you to quit smoking saying that smoking causes cancer, you should be verifying if what I said is true or false, and then if true, quit smoking for your own good instead of telling me to mind my business as I smoke myself. The advice is for your own good, and you are the one who will suffer, irrespective of whether I suffer or not. We should be looking into the truth of the matter. "

The recent attacks in pubs by the Sri Rama Sene (SRS) in Mangalore has definitely sparked a series of comments by different people at all levels - from the youth to Minister(s). However I noticed that the types of remarks being made by the people who are complaining is totally confusing in most cases, irrelevant in some and seriously flawed in a majority of the arguments.

Let's just have a look at some of the arguments and try to look at it in a completely unbiased manner. For some time, forget which side you are on. Just look at the entire argument in an objective manner, and ask yourself what you think from your heart. Let's begin.

One of the main reasons people were anti-pub culture is because they said that it promotes drinking or alcoholism. Now, to this, one of the first few statements you get from the people on the other side is - "It's our life, we will lead it our way. We don't need anyone giving us advice on the way we live. India is a democratic country. I will live this way, screw it up if I wish to. I don't interfere in your life and you don't butt into mine." This may sound really 'Oh-so-true' to most of us. However, when we look at the situation in an unbiased manner, we should agree that drinking is indeed in reality a problem. The problems due to drinking are not only direct but also indirect. We shall see them quite soon, but before that, the people who say that it's their life and it's upto them to screw it up or otherwise need to first verify the veracity of the statement - "Drinking is bad and will hurt you". It may be your life and nobody is denying that, but you should also learn to admit that drinking is bad. If you don't agree, then you can look up the internet for the ill effects of alcohol.

Now that we understand and agree that alcohol is bad, immediately step in the social drinkers. Come on now, alcohol poses trouble to habitual drinkers, and those who get sloshed or wasted. We are those who go to pubs for a couple of pegs, that shouldn't hurt anyone including my liver. I don't see the big fuss. Well, I thought that this argument is quite correct. What will a couple of pegs do? Then when I was talking to some of my friends who drink, they told me that alcohol had different effects on each of them. One of them got a high or a kick or whatever you call it - the dizzy feeling from just one glass while upto four or five didn't affect the rest. From this and from another article in Times of India which said that the alcohol absorption in different people is different depending on their body structure, and how fat they were etc. means that the same amount of alcohol does not have the same effect on different people. While some get a high from a small quantity, others may get a high only after substantial drinking. Therefore who decides what quantity is social drinking and what is getting sloshed? If the answer is "US" then forget it - We have seen how responsible we are while following ordinary traffic rules. Let's face it, we don't have the responsibility to be judging how much is enough. Therefore, since we are not able to quantify what amount is too much (due to its non uniformity) we just have to take worst case scenario that alcohol affects the mind independent of quantity. So social drinking doesn't really have much bearing.

Then there are others who said that the police are not doing anything. They also said that the government should be focussing on providing better roads instead of focussing on such issues. There was another argument which said that the policemen or members of SRS themselves might be drunk. These are absurd arguments. First of all, whether there are good or bad roads, it still doesn't absolve the drinkers. Drinking is bad, whether the police do it, or SRS members do it or a celebrity does it. And that is independent of roads or any other developmental work. We should not forget to appreciate the policemen who are the first people to die when a terror attack such as the ones that happened in Mumbai comes up. When they are willing to sacrifice their lives for us, they are doing this also for a good cause - for our cause. The reasons are below.

If you get drunk by yourself, roll over and die due to some liver problems, I don't think anyone would have had any problems or issues with that. The problem arises when you get drunk and then go kill someone. We have seen several cases including famous actors who get drunk and run over people sleeping on the footpath. Let's accept it - It was alcohol that caused the bad judgement. And if you say that these are sporadic stray incidents, then I can only say that you are extremely insensitive. The incident is sporadic as long as it doesn't affect you. When a drunk runs over you or your family member you will understand. Drinking and driving, as one of my friends said, are harmless independently.

However that seldom happens. Pubs are not next to your houses. You have to go there and get back. If the concept of designated drivers was really that wide spread, perhaps drunken driving would have dropped a lot. But that's not true. And in reality things don't work quite like that. Nobody wants to be left out. All want to get sloshed. And then someone completely not related to them will get squished.
Blaming the police is simple. The police put up bans on the "Night life" in Bangalore, saying that you cannot have a pub open beyond 11 pm. That, according to me is a reasonable restriction. It's been put up for our own safety. Drunken driving as such is bad, and late at night, with drunks doing drag races and speeding, things get worse ten times over. The problem is that they just don't stop at killing themselves, but kill innocent people. The other problem with drinking is that they lose control over the mind, and end up molesting women. Unfortunately women wear skimpy clothes in pubs, which arouses the drunks even more. Now women may say - "Hey, it's my life, I will wear skimpy or fully covering clothes, I don't need any advice. My body, I will flaunt it." True, your body. But when a drunk gets physical, and the clothes adding fuel to their lust, they obviously resort to immoral activities. Now perhaps in Utopia skimpy clothes don't attract the wolves. In real life, it does. That's also a fact. And when it gets darker, the number of people on the streets is really low, and you are at a bigger risk than usual. It's nice to give a speech on woman empowerment, but when it all boils down to reality, you are still vulnerable. Ideally you shouldn't. But you are. And you again blame to police for not keeping the city clean. How many policemen are there? Is it really possible to comb every street of huge cities to see if there is a crime? Perhaps only Batman and Superman arrive at the right place at the right time, but it is not possible for police to be there everywhere. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to take care of ourselves. The ban on keeping pubs open beyond 11 pm thus serves as a check on such crimes being committed.

The arguments will immediately pop up - what about molestation cases that happen before 11pm in broad daylight? Nobody denies that. But we have to take statistical and probabilistic approaches. It has been found that such cases, and drunken accidents occur more often than normal cases. Accidents happen when you are sober too. But the chance of your meeting with an accident when you are drunk is more. Therefore we should be looking at the broader picture. It's easy to blame police for curbing drinking beyond a certain time. It's also easy to blame them for not being there to protect you. But I think we need to stop thinking of it from our view points, and look at it from above. A 360 degree approach is more necessary.

Beating up people in pubs may not be the right solution. But simple education doesn't seem to work. There are people who say practice before you preach. Well, if I am a chain smoker and you are one, and I ask you to quit smoking saying that smoking causes cancer, you should be verifying if what I said is true or false, and then if true, quit smoking for your own good instead of telling me to mind my business as I smoke myself. The advice is for your own good, and you are the one who will suffer, irrespective of whether I suffer or not. We should be looking into the truth of the matter.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

MF Hussain's shameless paintings

Swami Gulagulaananda said :
"Shame on those who don't understand that all religions are nought but different paths to the same destination. Evangelists, Separatists, Hypocrites should be hanged"
I received a very interesting mail some time back. It asked me to forward it to as many people as I knew. Well, I thought it would be better to post it up on my blog before I forwarded it to others. So here is how it goes... You be the judge.

If a person dresses like a Sikh Guru, thousands of Sikhs gather and destroy their establishments , threaten to kill him, announce a bounty on his head - Sikhs are not criticised for being communal and intolerant,

If a Danish journalist depicts the Prophet of the Muslims , Muslims all over the world rise in anger, there is violence, a booty on the head of the Journalist - Muslims are not criticised for being communal and intolerant,

If MF Hussain draws paintings depciting Hindu Gods and Goddesses in sexual positions (which relations are not borne out by ancient texts at all ) and Hindus merely protest , they are called communal, intolerant and taught lessons in secularism by one and all.

Christians in India oppose, Davinci-code is banned only in India from release.
Parzania has self imposed ban by the public of Gujarat, Narendra Modi and Babu bajarangi are blamed
The problem apparently is not with Sikhs , Christians and Muslims, it is with Hindus , because we are not violent, we accept what ever is dished out to us , we do not have the guts to say that this is wrong , we seek acceptance from outsiders rather than from our conscience. We worship the same GOds and Godesses but dont stand up for them when the time comes.

Be a judge yourself of Hussain's paintings below.
Goddess Durga in sexual union with Tiger
Prophet's Daughter Fatima fully clothed
Goddess Lakshmi naked on Shree Ganesh's head
M.F. Hussain's Mother fully clothed
Naked Saraswati
Mother Teresa fully clothed
Naked Shri Parvati Hussain's Daughter well clothed
Naked Draupadi. Well cloth! ed Muslim Lady.
Naked Lord Hanuman and Goddess Sita sitting on thigh of Ravana Muslim poets Faiz, Galib are shown well-! clothed

Full Clad Muslim King and naked Hindu Brahmin. The above painting clearly indicates Hussain's tendency to paint any Hindu as naked and thus his hatred..
Naked Bharatmata - Hussain has shown naked woman with names of states written on different parts of her body. He has used Ashok Chakra, Tri-colour in the painting. By doing this he has violated law & hurt National Pride of Indians. Both these things should be of grave concern to every Indian irrespective of his religion.

Out of the four leaders M. Gandhi is decapitated and Hitler is naked. Hussain hates Hitler and has said in an interview 8 years ago that he has depicted Hitler naked to humiliate him and as he deserves it ! How come Hitler's nudity cause humiliation when in Hussain's own statement nudity in art depicts purity and is in fact an honour ! This shows Hussain's perversion and hypocrisy.

Don't feel shy to circulate. At
Lst people should know "HOW COWARD WE HINDUS ARE"