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Student Goons

Baba Gyani Triviani said " The purpose of education is not just to disseminate information, but to instill values " Everyday, we read in the newspapers about rowdy sheeters hacking one another to death due to gang rivalries and personal grudges. At the outset, we just look at this as habitual offenders committing crimes, and don't pay much attention to it as we consider it to be irrelevant to us, the civilised people... However, hooliganism or "goondagiri" seems to be coming closer to people of the civilised society as well. There have been several disturbing cases of college students resorting to hooliganism on campus. Why do college students develop an inclination towards hooliganism? One of the main reasons, perhaps could be due to Attention Deficit Disorder. They want to be seen as famous "cool" people. Conventionally, cool people are depicted to be moving around in gangs, with people turning their heads around to get a glimpse of them as they walk

Pub Culture

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " If I am a chain smoker and you are one, and I ask you to quit smoking saying that smoking causes cancer, you should be verifying if what I said is true or false, and then if true, quit smoking for your own good instead of telling me to mind my business as I smoke myself. The advice is for your own good, and you are the one who will suffer, irrespective of whether I suffer or not. We should be looking into the truth of the matter. " The recent attacks in pubs by the Sri Rama Sene (SRS) in Mangalore has definitely sparked a series of comments by different people at all levels - from the youth to Minister(s). However I noticed that the types of remarks being made by the people who are complaining is totally confusing in most cases, irrelevant in some and seriously flawed in a majority of the arguments. Let's just have a look at some of the arguments and try to look at it in a completely unbiased manner. For some time, forget which side you

MF Hussain's shameless paintings

Swami Gulagulaananda said : " Shame on those who don't understand that all religions are nought but different paths to the same destination. Evangelists, Separatists, Hypocrites should be hanged " I received a very interesting mail some time back. It asked me to forward it to as many people as I knew. Well, I thought it would be better to post it up on my blog before I forwarded it to others. So here is how it goes... You be the judge. If a person dresses like a Sikh Guru, thousands of Sikhs gather and destroy their establishments , threaten to kill him, announce a bounty on his head - Sikhs are not criticised for being communal and intolerant, If a Danish journalist depicts the Prophet of the Muslims , Muslims all over the world rise in anger, there is violence, a booty on the head of the Journalist - Muslims are not criticised for being communal and intolerant, If MF Hussain draws paintings depciting Hindu Gods and Goddesses in sexual positions (which r