In God's own country - 1

I had been to Kerala for around 5 days with my friends from college. And it was definitely one of the best trips I have been on. Well, let me tell it to you in as interesting a way I can, so that you don't get bored.

On the day I was supposed to leave, I had a really long walk with three other friends not connected with this trip. Now when I say really long, I mean really really long. At the end of the walk, we find ourselves to be lost. And then boarding a string of buses I make it home. I realise that the long walk had me exerted, since I was already a little "flu-ish". I was coughing a little here and there, and when I reach home, I am a little warm. My parents were a little apprehensive of their little boy going into a far off place when not feeling well. However they give me some medicines, and words of caution, and drop me at my friend's apartment.

I had my dinner with two of my friends (both smart-asses) and I told them that I was a little tired with all the walking, and we went to the railway station by an auto where the rest were waiting. We were, all in all, a group of seven. My friends volunteered to carry my bag, but uh ahem, I wanted to show I am all big and strong, and finally one carried one of the arms of my bag while I held the other. The train journey was quite fun, started with a eunuch asking me money and getting disappointed. Well, I could tell him or her my problem, but it didn't look like the eunuch was quite much interested. I could see some "Grr..." face. Well, anyway, I realised I felt the typical vomitting sensation, and didn't try to experiment much with the food. My friends were discussing some really juicy stuff, and I was tempted to add a lot :-) But I was tired, and decided to sleep through it, but there were several instances when I was actually pretending to sleep but was secretly listening, making notes in my mental diary, and adding smart comments here and there when apt. Then the guy in the adjacent block asked my friend what time we slept. Well, he was not very subtle about it, and we decided to call it a day.

Next day, my friends all had food. I still was not up for it. My friends asked me to, or I would be feeling weak, I decided to bypass food, and instead popped in a couple of Gelucil and Digene (antacid) pills. Not because I had acidity. I just felt a little nauseous, and felt that they would make it a little better. Well, I didn't have any food, we reached Kollam in Kerala first. We boarded some auto-rickshaws and went to my friend's grandmother who stays there. The house was truly fantastic, and was nothing like what I had imagined. I was expecting some sloping roofed house, with tiles as you would normally expect. But this was fantastic and nothing like that. A huge house, with large breathing spaces on all the four sides. The insides were really large and spacious. We kept our luggage, and recharged ourselves with some cold water. I thought - Finally, a bed, maybe I can sleep for sometime and recharge myself. Well, guess what? My friends were already excited to go to the light-house. Can't blame them, we were all on a holiday, and I didn't expect to fall ill also. But I was...

Well, my friend took out his grandmother's car -a 118-NE in pristine condition. Four of us went to the light house in Kollam while the rest waited for him to come back and pick them up. On reaching the light house, my friend dropped the three of us, and went back to pick the remaining three. We waited for some time, as the light house was locked. Finally the door opened and the man who is supposed to let us in, let us in after collecting the appropriate fee. And guess what? We had to climb up 198 steps of the light house to reach the top. The steps are in a circular fashion. Normally, this would have been a cinch. But for a guy who was ill and desperately trying to find a place to place his buttocks once in five steps, this looked like a huge task. Well, I had merely climbed five steps when my other friends who were waiting also appeared. And we climbed. And climbed.... And I was ahead, and the steps were so narrow that it would be difficult to manoeuvre, though not impossible. So, finally we reached the top. And we looked out into the wide sea, and the large area around the light house - And for a moment I realised why it was called God's own country - it was fantastic!!


Unknown said…
aww, mickey fell ill! now, you know why they say you should trust the human body to collapse when you walk 'real' long distances on the day you are supposed to travel :P

but hey, you saw god's own land! :)

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