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In God's own country - 4

[Read first before this] The next day was really nice. We woke up early morning to play in the waters of the river next to the resort. And this time, I made my mind not to enter the water, because I felt it would worsen my condition. Somehow, one of my friends foresaw and said - "Oh, just like you had told that you wouldn't enter the waters of Kovalam huh?" This time, especially after listening to his words, I had more resolve. While the rest of them were playing the water, I decided to slip on my shorts, and walk casually in the water. Then my friend and I had an idea, why not cross the river? The current seemed to be strong, but then the water was not really that deep, nor did it look too dangerous. So my friend and I decided to cross the river, and one more decided to join us. So, the three explorers decided to cross the river, and my friend was the first to fall into the water due to his inabili

In God's own country - 3

[Read first before this] After the visit to the wooden palace, we made our way to the beaches. The beaches are really beautiful, blue sea, white sand, and several foreigners was the sight at the beach. We just hung around a while at the first beach, and spent quite a lot of time at the other beach. I initially decided to only wet my feet. But the wave made my shirt a little wet. I thought, oh what the heck, and before I knew it, I was wet upto my head. I played along with my friends in water. It was after a long time that I was actually having so much fun. Crocin periodically was doing its job faithfully, and sporadic coughing sprees was the only thing I had to look out for. The only major problems in Kerala, like I have mentioned before, are langauge and food. In Karnataka, you can survive in any corner using Hindi or English if you don't follow the local Kannada. However, the same cannot be told about Tami

In God's own country - 2

[Read first before this] From the top of the light house, one fourth of the 360 degree view was occupied by the blue sea... The Arabian sea. We could see some little ships at a distance, and also a barrage that was constructed to make fishing simpler. The rest of the view around the light house was primarily filled with an endless sea of coconut trees. Not a single patch was free of the tall tree. Every inch seemed to be covered by them. It also answered my question - why were there no coconut vendors in that place. Every house had atleast five trees in their backyard. After taking some customary snaps, we decided to walk down. Walking down was a lot easier. Then we walked into the barrage area. The gate was locked, and there was a small prohibition board there. But Oh what the heck was our attitude, as it was a small town, and we went through the gate. We walked around a lot there. The sun blazing in the noo

In God's own country - 1

I had been to Kerala for around 5 days with my friends from college. And it was definitely one of the best trips I have been on. Well, let me tell it to you in as interesting a way I can, so that you don't get bored. On the day I was supposed to leave, I had a really long walk with three other friends not connected with this trip. Now when I say really long, I mean really really long. At the end of the walk, we find ourselves to be lost. And then boarding a string of buses I make it home. I realise that the long walk had me exerted, since I was already a little "flu-ish". I was coughing a little here and there, and when I reach home, I am a little warm. My parents were a little apprehensive of their little boy going into a far off place when not feeling well. However they give me some medicines, and words of caution, and drop me at my friend's apartment. I had my dinner with two of my friends (both smart-asses) and I told them that I was a little tired with all the

No person is a saint

Swami Nikhilaananda said: " I may seem like, but I am not a saint... " Well, I have not reached heights of enlightenment ( yet ) as some of you may begin to conceive. Many people who read this blog, or speak to me sometimes have a feeling that I have truly become a saint. Well, I am worldly-wise, but not completely void of feelings or emotions. Now, don't start making any judgements about my character :-) You cannot judge a person based on a few lines. However, here is something I wish to tell you. And in this entry, when I say quiet, I also imply quiet, calm, serene, peaceful, but don't imply quiet in the sense that the person is an introvert, scared to let loose his/her feelings but instead chooses willingly not to. When we are young, we tend to feel pangs of jealousy when we look at something that someone else has, and when we don't have that. As we grow older, we may enter into one of the two groups - either the group which says I don't care who has