We salute... A tribute

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A tribute to the brave men who laid down their lives for the safety of others, a tribute to the families who lost their loved ones... Let us not just sit and watch. My dear friends, I do not think that simply sitting around and blaming politicians is the solution. We should all stand up together and take a solemn oath that we shall follow the rules, no matter how hard it is... We shall respect the law. We shall change... And we shall influence others to change. To change towards betterment. We shall follow rules by not paying bribe, we shall follow traffic rules, we shall follow rules - for they are meant for our good. And when we do, we begin to realise that following rules is not important, but the sense to do that is... We start become conscious, and later it becomes inherent in us. And when we all become responsible, it becomes easy to narrow down problems. If you have some time, close your eyes, and think about it...


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