Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Chinese products

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"The day won't be far when we can buy babies with 'Made in China' labels on their little butts - problem is, I don't know if they will kill me by poisoning me or exploding"
Of late, the number of incidents cropping up due to usage of Chinese products are too many. I thought that the melamine milk scandal of China was just one sporadic incident - but the reality is far from it.

Chinese products are very popular for one reason - Quality? Haaa you must be joking. Chinese products have never been known for quality - it's the price. And Chinese products have pervaded all areas - from hardware products -testers, screwdrivers etc. to electronics articles - calculators, phones, digital calendars to food - biscuits, milk products, poisoned or otherwise.

But there is a major issue in these products - Safety...
I have heard a lot of my friends telling me that Chinese phones are available in the market for a very low price - which is somewhere around one tenth the price of the Apple iPhone. These phones are supposed to be excellent in terms of features - But there has got to be a catch... Oh there is - It could explode any time. Could be while it is being charged, or for all that you know, could be when you on call - That's like carrying an explosive along with you...
The recent issue of melamine in milk and milk products has created a chaos that's known to all people. With the death of several children due to organ failure, and those who are "surviving" look really sad. And there have been many emails that are being circulated that show pictures of these people and children with half a dozen pipes sticking out of them - getting dialysed. Reputed companies and their products are being shown in these emails.

And today's mail - the most recent that I have received tells me about Chinese slippers and sandals that are being sold at a very low price - however the paint that is being used in it are the ones that are cheap and extremely strong and shows several images of people suffering from some kind of allergic reactions due to these slippers.

The Chinese have been aggressive in the pursuit of being a world power. And exports are one of their biggest sources of economy. It's a commendable move of the Chinese to be this aggressive - But at what cost? If products like these are the way to progress - then we must take action, before more people die - Please stop buying Chinese products. They may be cheap at the outset - But in the end they are going to prove to be far more expensive than we can even fathom, not only in terms of money for surgery and operations, but in terms of organs and life...
[P.S. All photos put up in this entry are taken from the mail that I received about the dangers of using these products]