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Chinese products

Swami Gulagulaananda said: " The day won't be far when we can buy babies with 'Made in China ' labels on their little butts - problem is, I don't know if they will kill me by poisoning me or exploding " Of late, the number of incidents cropping up due to usage of Chinese products are too many. I thought that the melamine milk scandal of China was just one sporadic incident - but the reality is far from it. Chinese products are very popular for one reason - Quality? Haaa you must be joking. Chinese products have never been known for quality - it's the price. And Chinese products have pervaded all areas - from hardware products -testers, screwdrivers etc. to electronics articles - calculators, phones, digital calendars to food - biscuits, milk products, poisoned or otherwise. But there is a major issue in these products - Safety ... I have heard a lot of my friends telling me that Chinese phones are available in the market for a ver