Chess Convers(at)ions

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"I have heard of monks selling ferraris, but NOW I have seen everything"

Chess is a game of minds. Well, I was on Yahoo Games the other day. I thought of playing a game of chess with some random person in some random room. And then I played a couple of games. And then comes along a person with a strange ID - christ_is_the_way_to_heaven or something to that effect. And the game starts, and the "dude" engages me in a conversation. I would actually say "interesting" conversation. It did keep me more active on that side, than on the game... [sadly]

Dude: Hello
Me: Hi :)
Dude: Where are you from?
Me: Bangalore, India. You?
Dude: Phillipines
Dude: Are you Christian?
Me: No (Oh boy, here we go... from his ID I knew what he would do next)
Dude: Do you want to go to heaven? (What're you? My travel agent?)
Me: No. I would rather live here on Earth forever
Dude: That's not possible (Duhh !! :P)
Me: Yeah I know, it's but the fact of life
Dude: Take Christ in your heart, and you will go to heaven
Me: We have not seen heaven. At least we know what Earth is...
: Are you an evenagelist?
Dude: Preacher (Potato potato, vase vase...)
Me: Do you believe that Christianity is the only religion that will take man to
Dude: [Quotes something from the Bible - ends it with a number like 20:30 or something that indicates verse number etc. The message conveyed by that paragraph is - There is no such thing as religion. Christ is the only saviour... blah blah and says that it was told by some guy (Must be bigger 'dude') ]
Me: Of course he would say that, he was Christian too... (Duhh!!!)
Dude : Accept Christ into your soul and wash away your sins...
Me: I have not sinned. Anyway, thanks for the wondeful game, but I have to be somewhere right now. Bye
[Game forfeited]

Now, we see quite a lot of interesting things from this person. Clearly he was a fool for trying to pull such stunts. What is the point of telling me such things? There is no way he is going to convert anyone in such a short time. Nor can he get them "thinking" about it. He was merely wasting his time, and spoiling my mood and getting me irritated.

Ok, so what was he? My travel agent? Trying to get me to heaven with some bumper offer? He was worse than the most persuasive salesman I have ever met in my life... Anyway, no conclusions to be drawn. There are several terribly desperate people in this world, whose only objective seems to be religious conversion.

I have only one message for them - Read the Bhagawad Gita :-) And for Vishnu's sake, stop converting...


Unknown said…
You should have tweaked the convers(at)ion with a bit of fun.

Dude: Are you Christian?
Me: No, I am Christ.

Dude: Do you want to go to heaven?
Me: I will think about it if you get checkmated :D

Dude: No, a preacher.
Me: You sound more like a salesman. Have you considered the option as a means of living? ( while on earth, i mean)
Unknown said…
btw, your disclaimer's hilarious :D
Unknown said…
Religous nutters are the bane of us normal people, Nik.
That said, he's just a bore - unlike certain other religions (wonder which I'm talking about ?) who believe mass murder is the only political protest.
You treated him as he should be treated, Nik
Well done.
Rajendra Joish said…
nice one. Keep posting on such issues. If possible try quoting instances of how great our religion is from vedantic works of Swami Vivekananda or the like. The core problem os that Hindus don't know what their religion is. They are veiled by the world in considering thatt their traditions are silly/ they are fanatics if they start preserving their own culture. Media is another big reason. They just quote minorities' tragedies but nothing about in Hindus. It's considered "anti-secular" if we raise for our religion - what terrible state of affairs.

In IIT Madras we have agroup called Vivekananda STudy Circle and a volunteer of that. We focus mainly on applying spiritual things for betterment of ourselves as students. Anyway, nice work keep going. If you want any suggestions on anything ask me.

Rajendrakumar Joish\
114 Narmada Hostel
IIT MAdras
BlogUser said…
This is just too much. :-( Next time something like this happens just give me a call. You know how good iam at belting people especially in such matters.
BlogUser said…
Come to think of it after getting belted by me, he will gladly run into hell!

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