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Chess Convers(at)ions

Swami Gulagulaananda said: "I have heard of monks selling ferraris, but NOW I have seen everything" Chess is a game of minds. Well, I was on Yahoo Games the other day. I thought of playing a game of chess with some random person in some random room. And then I played a couple of games. And then comes along a person with a strange ID - christ_is_the_way_to_heaven or something to that effect. And the game starts, and the "dude" engages me in a conversation. I would actually say "interesting" conversation. It did keep me more active on that side, than on the game... [sadly] Dude : Hello Me : Hi :) Dude : Where are you from? Me : Bangalore, India. You? Dude : Phillipines Dude : Are you Christian? Me : No (Oh boy, here we go... from his ID I knew what he would do next) Dude : Do you want to go to heaven? (What're you? My travel agent?) Me : No. I would rather live here on Earth forever Dude : That's not possible (Duhh !! :P) Me : Yeah I know, i

Piracy? Arrr... Walk the plank matey

Baba Gyani Triviani believes in: " Necessity is the mother of invention. Piracy is a tweaked version of that " When a crime is committed there are many people who analyse it completely - inside out, the motive, the method etc. And then they write books like psychology of the criminal mind and books with other fancy names. So, in this post, I try to analyse a pirate - Not the one who has a "squacking" parrot on his shoulder, an eye patch, a hook for a hand and a sword in the other, and wooden stub for a leg and screams out " fee fi fo fum " [Oops! or is it " arrr land lubber matey" :-) ] Well anyway, coming back, I am talking about the software pirates, book pirates and music and movie pirates. Now we first try to see why does piracy even take place? In the entire discussion, I am taking India as the country. In India, I have seen that the software that needs to be bought from a store - the original version, is extremely expensive for a com