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Politically Correct

Swami Nikhilaananda said: " People stressing on being politically correct are not among the ones who defend, but are those who underestimate "    I was going through Bangalore Times today and happened to read an article about being politically correct. The article was long and finely written - well, don't ask me to comment about the contents. People with sense and blood pressure problems at the same time are requested not to go through the article. The reason? Well, read the small gist below    The article says that it is Politically Incorrect to call a fat person fat because the person might feel offended and demotivated and may get into depression and may end up eating more instead of trying to slim down. Instead we should say - obese. So much for calling a spade a spade eh? Or not really. A person who is mad should be called mentally ill. It goes on further saying some more weird things.    Well, what exactly did we conclude from this? It says that a person who