Unfortunate economy

Swami Nikhilaananda lamented:

"Economy booming, money overflowing
Why then are the unfortunate continually growing"

The economy is growing rapidly. India is the second fastest growing economy in the world. We all have amenities. iPod isn't a thing anymore. Everyone knows how to use it, and kids around me have exclaimed surprise when they came to know I don't have one.

We are not all stinking rich. But we are all pretty well to do, upper middle class people. Alright, fine, maybe middle class... But we do spend money for something that we don't need THAT badly. Like for example, we spend fifteen bucks to drink an iced tea from some kiosk. And something around that for a bar of delicious chocolate. And so on. There are many people around, who don't have that much money to buy a bun or some rice to fill the stomachs of their children and themselves.

I don't say completely curb the habit of enjoying and pampering yourself. Come on, I am no saint [Ok, not a really great saint, Swami nevertheless ]. But just imagine a fifteen saved here and a fifteen saved there - drops and drops maketh ocean. And you can do something really worthwhile with that saved money. Especially if you and your friends all decide to save money on the same day, for example, a joint effort. That money can be donated to some of these organizations [hungry children, abandoned women and children, and stray animal caring orgs.] who will put that money to good use.

We are not going to die if we don't drink iced tea for one day - not that I have something against Iced tea vendors. But what I am saying is, amid such merry making, occasionally care for the people and animals who aren't as lucky as you are. It might seem that I am trying to make people to give up worldly pleasures and go to the Himalayas. Far from that, you'll learn the pleasure of giving, sharing... Oh puh-leez, it's just an ice tea, man! Peace...


Anonymous said…
totally.. peace :P

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