Page 3

Baba Gyani Triviani smiled and said:

"Skimpy clothes, drink in hand
Page 3 is where you'll land"

Times of India - Nice newspaper, in fact it's really great. You get everything that you need to, but then, they also provide this supplement called Bangalore Times. Bangalore Times has many pages, but it's the page 3 that intrigues me, and also works me up.

Well, by now you would have realized how much I am against pub culture and social drinking. Alright, FINE, do it - it's your life... But you know what? Why publish these photos of people doing this, in the newspapers??? Funny, I feel - they publish the photos of some who-is-who and mostly "umm-who-the-hell-is-that?" type people. Now seriously, think about it, who in the sanest states of their minds, would want to look at photos of people they don't even know in newspapers page 3?

They can use that much ink for putting in better stuff about so many things - ok, why not write some cooking recipes [seems boring...], or publish photos of celebrities (now THEY have many fans), or more advertisements (revenue for papers also) or something... Well, ANYTHING else is better.

Page 3 - it's funnier than Page 2 - Oh for those who are unaware, Page 2 has cartoon strips. The only people who read page 3 are the people who come in it - or who are wannabe page three people, so now they'll start going to those pubs - So. I guess indirectly you are inducing more people to go to bars and pubs to drink, because everyone wants to come in newspapers, most people find it difficult to do something great to come, others find it difficult to drown themselves in legal battles for committing murder and other abominable vices... So the easiest way till now to come in the newspaper with a smile on your face is to have a drink in your hand.

I know it is called page 3 because that page is reserved for the "Party Animals", another term that I detest... Well, party animals, wwwhhhhoooooooooo you guys enjoy dudes... and dudettes, wwwhwooooooo yeahhhhh but don't come and show your inebriated faces to me. Nyah, so there


Anonymous said…
Reflection of my thoughts!!

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