One billion = nought?

Swami Nikhilaananda lamented:

"We are many, reaching a billion;
Are we nothing but the west's minion?"

India has a population of a billion. One billion. That's one followed by ... well, many many zeroes. And Indians are as such considered to be among the most brilliant people in the world. Many patriotic people say that many leading western companies like IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google have thousands of Indians working in them. India also has many indigenous companies such as Infosys and Wipro.

I have till date never heard or seen of a single Indian product that is being recognised across the world as a famous product. Not a single one... Operating systems such as Unix and Windows are American, database softwares such as Oracle and Access are American again, SAP is German, and if you consider any other software for that matter, they are all western, perhaps American or European, but never Indian. The only famous Indian product that I have heard is Tally. I am not talking about general software applications, but serious products.

This discussion is not limited to software. Even nuts and bolts of many machine parts are imported. India therefore is largely limited to services - chiefly outsourced again by the west. If we are all oh-so brilliant, with so many IITs and all, why do we still not have ONE operating system that we can call Indian. It is something that really intrigues me - that I can not find one single product that is completely Indian... Strange that a population of one billion hasn't made one complete indigenous product that can stand at par with the western products.


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