Monkey Business

Swami Gulagulaananda exclaimed:

"Largely ape needn't be King Kong;
Look around you, I am surely not wrong"

At every point we seem to be aping the west - especially the United States of America. Aping is alright, as long as your aping will benefit, and it makes sense to do so. Here are some very annoying things that I found among Indians who ape the "states"

Mentally retarded children are referred to as mentally challenged... And now they are being referred to as "gifted" children. This is supposed to be called - being politically correct. It puts me off just as much as management talk [crap] does. I find it rather ludicrous that people are more bothered about selecting politically correct and apt words - now mind you, they don't have any sympathy for the children, in fact, they act as if something weird is near them when they see the children. Instead of showing the "gifts" in feelings, time is wasted in such things. Call the child a mentally challenged person, because that's what the child is - you may feel the argument to be a little strong, but understand the fact - a gift is defined as a positive thing, something that you want maybe for your birthdays or anniversaries, but I am sure nobody would want a mental gift like this. Call a spade a spade, or at least learn to be sympathetic instead of simply pathetic when you use such phrases. Be true from your heart, not from your lips only

This is only one of the things. We need to primarily understand the fact that the culture here and there are different. Watch some western shows on tv and you'll know what I mean. There, sleeping with someone is a pretty obvious thing - "Duhh!" but here it isn't. There they go to bars, get drunk, and hook up with someone. [standard usage in all western shows] However, here they go to bars, get drunk, molest and get into trouble... both the men and the women. Either avoid going to bars to drink, that too past midnight or increase your chances of getting molested or prepare to get laid... I know, I am still sounding rather crude. But then again, I dislike it when people ape only the wrong things from the west.

The west essentially reveals large open-mindedness, logic and freedom. But people seem to adopt being slutty, lascivious and such "features" of the west. Come on, they have so much to show us. Why the pub culture? Of all things...


Anonymous said…
Ah, my boy, you touched a pretty sensitive nerve there, didnt you?

"Either avoid going to bars to drink, that too past midnight or learn getting molested or prepare to get laid... I know, I am still sounding rather crude"

Crude, it is. And strong too. I did read your previous post about the 2 women who got molested by 80 men, and while I tried to comment on that, blogger decided to act up.

Anyway, coming to what you have said here.."prepare to get molested" me, there will be a lot of girls out there who will be baying for your blood because of that statement. There are a lot of people out there who believe that its not fair that they arent allowed to do what they want to do - they find it fun, what you find ludicrous and ridiculous. And free as they are, they do not like the idea that they should suffer for what they like doing, or bear the brunt for trying to enjoy themselves.

I was having an argument about the same topic with someone, what repeatedly came up was this: No matter what happens to the woman, or girl, it is her who bears the brunt. In both ways. First, she gets molested. Then she gets blamed for making herself vulnerable. I was asked if the men got any blame at all for what they did. I gave my views on it, still, its not something that can be very convincing, no matter how you may try to justify it. Its the truth, very much the truth. It is the girl/woman who bears more brunt than the guy/men who do the act of abuse. Of course, we can say that we dont need to follow western culture, stick to the Indian culture, not get drunk and all that.

Or we can get up, and see the number of pubs and pub goers that are there. You can't expect them all to stop, for most of them, its a lifestyle. You can't really blame them for it , they see it on TV, they emulate it. Or they see someone else doing it, they emulate it. Its human tendency. So, can you really say "Either avoid going to bars to drink, that too past midnight or learn getting molested or prepare to get laid."

Something to think about, isn't it?
Unknown said…
I must say that I sort of second your views. Yeah, people emulate a lot of things from the West, because of how it is projected before us.However, I think a major chunk of the fault goes to this rigid society that the previous generations have created about us.

Firstly,every single thing is a 'big' deal in India.Starting with those teachers in college who give dirty looks, the minute they see a girl standing and talking with 3 other boys, till our good old parents at home, who cast suspicious glances when a boy calls a girls (and vice-versa?).It's a huge saga if someone gets divorced, and let's not even start about inter-caste marriages.
From the time we are kids, it's drilled into our heads that 'sex' is a bad thing,and that women and men should maintain at least 50 feet of distance when they talk (kindly forgive the exaggeration).It's probably for the good too, since that would help develop the good old Indian 'culture', part of which is about being 'pure' and 'sacred'. But, alas,we are just 'ordinary' people and not the Ganges (which hasn't been spared either).
Anyway, the minute they make sex,drinks etc seem like a polluted piece of life, the more they make it such a big taboo, the more it builds up curiosity and the more these teenagers with the 'oh,my blood is boiling' attitude, get distracted towards such things.
There are some psychopaths who go around raping people for no reason, but there are yet others who do it out of pure lust. They don't have the bollocks to go ask a woman for a night's stand, nor do they have the decency to do something like 'ask' (oh,they are powerful enough to 'get' what they want), and instead they take the simplest route out - rape.
And coming to think of women, which woman won't freak out the minute a stranger comes and asks her for a fling?
So, the odds that the man is going to get laid is null.And hence, he rapes. As I said, 'sex' is a big thing here, so big that it even eclipses rape. Rape earns sympathy, while sex earns scorn (oh, she did it willingly!)
The West teaches us to fine littering heavily, but there's a corner in every third road here where people answer their calls of nature.And there's always a cop ready to let one off, if he is shown a wad of currency notes.
Most girls have to go through eve-teasing as they walk on the roads, and the West shuns it. But some here don't adopt 'that' because they find it fun.I can only pity them.
But that's the point, isn't it? People just adopt something when they find it fun.And when that fun is a taboo, they get compelled to ape that feature of the West.It all goes back to the attitude we have towards a lot of things.(The Indian culture right now, is like wearing a pair of spotless white saree, and walking on the roads when it's raining cats and dogs, and expecting it to remain as spotless and white.There's absolutely nothing wrong with a pair of black jeans,and a rain hood,you know. And there's nothing wrong with staying home and cozy too, only some people don't like doing it.But a spotted white saree is bad.)

When two generations, one as rigid as boulder, the other as mouldable as melting plastic, try to co-exist, it does get very difficult.( and as for the 'learn getting molested' part of it, please eat your words, there surely are better things you can say :) )

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