Mad Ads

Baba Gyani Triviani said:

"If eating cereal and drinking milk made people any clever
Then would they come here to read my lessons? Never..."

If you have watched advertisements, you'll know what I am telling you. I mean the hilarious advertisements they show on TV. I liked the Kellogs cereal ad and the Goodlife milk ad the most. The bottom line is this - you are an idiot, nothing enters into your head. Then you eat the cereal, or drink the milk or butter etc. And *BOOM* the girl solves the problem, the dumb looking man who till then didn't know he was being robbed right under his nose gets a sudden brain powering, and he can tell the number of the vehicle without looking...

Ok, how lame are we to believe this? It's funny how people try to "fool" people into buying their products. I wonder if people actually fall for it and buy these things because of what they are claiming their products to be doing... In a way they are cheating people by making them feel that they'll become cleverer than what they inherently are. Well, if they do buy it for this reason then they are the ones who deserve it.

There are many such lame ads. There's this ridiculous advertisement about this veterinary doctor who is advertising for this chewing that brightens teeth. And he speaks horribly bad English, the grammar gone to dogs. And he uses a cow... A cow and bad English for advertising a teeth whitening chewing gum. And if it was funny, witty or made sense, it's alright. This one is sheer nonsensical.

Then there are detergent advertisements. Another classic case of morons. In these advertisements, the kids seem to know more about the detergents and washing powder more than their mothers. They always seem to be excited about detergents, why I don't know. Every detergent and washing powder has kids, in fact obsessed with dirtying clothes and then educating their mothers about why they should be using that detergent. Sheeesh. And what's worse is when their mothers look amazed at that detergent in all awe while the over-smart have this know-all expression on their faces.

More over-smart kinds continue their saga in cereal ads, toothpaste ads, detergent ads, biscuit ads... Sheesh. There are many such advertisements. Most of them have no connection to the product that they are marketing. And some that have connections tend to overdo it - like the cereal and milk advertisement I told you about. The really funny advertisements are copied straightaway from western ads.


Anonymous said…
hmmm.. so very true.. but i hav 2 tell u dat da orbit white ad is actually funny...if u c da funny side of it that is.. :P

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