Five orange pips

Swami Gulagulaananda said:

"Purpose of life I simply know not
but life has a purpose, that's my thought"

Darwinism and Creationism. Two theories which I don't think agree with each other. I didn't know creationism as a word until recently. However I knew what it was about. I had studied Darwinism in school as part of subject. But I feel Darwinism can only explain the general evolution of species. The evolution of man from monkey, how different species have many similar characteristics and so on.

But I am sure evolution cannot explain many things that we see in nature. For instance, let us consider the "yucca" plant. This plant disperses seeds by producing a cotton like material to which a seed is attached. When the wind blows, the cotton material being light carries the seed to a distant area, where a new plant grows. Now, I am sure a lesser organism like a plant does not know or understand that cotton is light, that it can float, that by attaching a seed to it, it can be made to move a distance. A plant cannot think and apply laws of physics like we do. However it still continues to do so. Evolution is nothing but trial and error and till you perfect you keep testing... Nice for a plant to do so.

Let's take another example of, say fruits. If you have observed fruits and the way seeds are present in them. Apples and papayas have seeds present in the middle. Water melons have seeds dispersed throughout. And if you take oranges, the seeds are placed in the individual units within. Everything in nature is like what it is for a reason, as we have seen in the yucca plant. The cotton material is produced because it is light and fly long distances. So should the case be in seed arrangement. Why are the seeds arranged the way they are is my question. Surely there is a reason - perhaps a more efficient way of making sure that the plant will grow. I ask this because if I was designing a fruit, perhaps I would have selected the watermelon pattern - concentrating everything at the centre is not a good idea - like they say, it's not wise to keep all the eggs in the same basket. But why are they kept in individual units of the oranges? What purpose does that serve?

Life is not as simple as Darwin puts it - surely if that is the case, then the orange plant must have reasons as to why it keeps seeds like that, and we still can't talk to them. I don't know if there was a superior force that "created" organisms and made them the way they are... But I am sure, that everything has a logic, that things are the way they are for a solid reason...

[And someday I intend to find out. Maybe that's the day you'll see a halo behind my head. Look out Buddha, I am coming ]

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