Drunken Revelry

Baba Gyani Triviani says:

"Getting drunk and murdered, molested or raped is a ridiculous way of appearing in newspapers"

In view of the recent "Shame thing again" from the business capital of the country - Mumbai, where nearly 80 men groped and molested the two women. This thing can be seen from two angles, one of which is the obvious conclusion that can be drawn - the city isn't safe for women. That what happened was a very very uncomfortable thing for the women, very shameful and a horrifying experience for them. This of course can be drawn straightaway, you don't have to be an analyst for drawing this inference.

But if you have a look at it the other way, I still feel that the women weren't right in doing what they did... I am sure some would be ready to throw stones at me. But what these people need to understand is that we are not yet living in Utopia where the entire city is SO safe that people can safely walk around at 1:30 AM in the morning. Come on, for crying out loud, we are all aware of that. For the number of mugging incidents that take place in the city, for the number of murders and rape cases, that happen in the middle of the day, such incidents happening in the dead of the night is not a surprising thing. I don't understand what two women were doing at 1:30 AM - Oh wait, I do know. They were drinking and partying .

I don't want to sound old fashioned and orthodox, well, I am not - but I am pretty logical enough to conclude that when you are aping the west by holding New Year celebrations by drinking and dancing [Something that I absolutely detest, how cheap!! - personal opinion], you should also ape them in carrying around 'pepper sprays' and learning self defense. It's absolutely ridiculous - and another thing I don't understand is this kick people get by partying all night, but that's something I'll put in my other blog entry.

For now, this is all I have - Ladies and gentlemen alike, please don't ape the west, whilst the west is now beginning to believe that Eastern culture (Indian and Chinese) is better, we are going from better to worse. Please don't develop dumb habits of unnecessarily partying, drinking, drinking and driving, and all others...
I am telling this because it's a ridiculous way of coming in the newspaper - getting molested, dying in accidents, and drunken brawls and getting murdered in the stupor... I urge especially all the Indians to restore sanity in yourselves - Mind you, I am NOT being orthodox and conservative, plain old common sense and logic teaches me this.


Unknown said…
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Anonymous said…
"Getting drunk and murdered, molested or raped is a ridiculous way of appearing in newspapers"

To start with, not one of the best quotes the Swami has come up with, is it? :)

Though, I agree with a few other things you have said. Most cities arent safe for women, especially after a particular time. And I also agree that woman must be more conscious about where they are, and what they do, knowing the state of these cities.

And as for the partying, and western aping part, I have left a comment on the other article, which you probably have read already. While it is stupid to do it over the limit, certain people do enjoy doing it..well, you can read the whole thing in the other comment. :P

Karthik R

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