*Bamm* goes the mallet... But when

Swami Gulagulaananda always preached:

"Justice delayed is justice denied"

The crime rate is ever increasing, at least it is so in India. But why are the perpetrators are never scared or worried of getting caught, and the consequences that follow thereafter. And why is this? There are all kinds of crimes that take place. And of course, from crimes, I am directly linking to the justice speed and the system. Now when I say crimes, I am referring to much more than just the criminal cases. I also include the civil cases.

Murders, rapes, robbery, attacks, property dispute, official disputes, etc. All of these are common cases that the justice system faces. But these continue to flow in, and in fact continue to grow unabated. The main problem is - THE SPEED OF JUSTICE. People aren't hesitant to commit crimes because they know that they won't get caught, and even if they do, nothing will happen to them. I am, of course, as you might have guessed by now, talking only about the hotshots of the society, or children and relatives of the hotshots. They are the ones with the weight that they can simply push around, and get things hurried up, or delayed or even suppressed, suffocated and asphyxiated to such an extent that people will eventually forget about it.

Court cases are simply dragged. Dragged to unbelievable extents. It's ridiculous to even imagine that the man who has a grandson will be fighting his father's case... Fifteen years, twenty years... And it takes a lot more than just extremely strong will to endure such depressing periods. You need to also have a sufficiently big wallet (filled of course...) to continue to fight just to sustain yourself in the legal battle. Ordinary common people cannot sustain such battles against the rich and powerful for the same two reasons - they are too rich and too powerful to develop enmity.

Gradually prudence teaches you to pull an out-of-court settlement. Look sir, you know what you did is wrong. I don't want to waste time, energy and money in court cases. Just give me a fraction of the total amount, and I'll be on my way. A single person cannot fight a company because of the might it has, poor can't fight rich, because of the power their money has (sufficient to delay it to such an extent that the poor shalt, but perish - quips Swami)

This is perhaps the main reason why you don't see people suing others for even pretty big issues. In the process, you lose more than what you get. In the USA and other western countries, justice is delivered so fast, that they can afford to sue everyone or anyone for anything... For playing music too loud, driving on their patch of grass, winking at his wife, and so on. Here - not a chance. All problems, including corruption, which is of course the main reason for all other problems have their root at the delayed justice. And the speed of justice is not increased for perhaps the same reason.

After a nationwide protest and vast media coverage, one Jessica Lall case and one Rizwanur Rehman case are making news... There are thousands of other cases pending...

What is the point of delivering a just verdict twenty years after the case was filed, if the complainant lies dead in his grave, and his family on the streets of the city begging.... The judge's mallet may go *Bamm* but when is the question!


Unknown said…
In total agreement with thee :)
Veda said…
sad....but so so true!

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