Thursday, 24 January 2008

Love forever

Swami Nikhilaananda wondered:

"Love is forever, or is it indeed?"

I was sitting alone, wondering how much he had changed over the years. He used to love me a lot. I can't believe someone can change so much with time. Time changes everything - mighty mountains disappear. Even the dinosaurs which once ruled the planet are nothing but fossil remains. We all grow old, don't we? I expected his love for me to grow with age. I feel it's so unfair.

I try to look at him innocently. Hoping my eyes will at least melt his heart. But looks like time has changed even that. Nobody understands my loneliness. Everyday he comes drunk and beats me, and if that doesn't hurt me he adds abusive language. My my, the words he uses... I wish I could say something back. I don't want to hurt him. I still love him. He's the master of my heart and soul, now, is he not? But I definitely wish he would change. He should understand that my silence doesn't imply my approval - of course I am not ok with it.

Well, God has given me a really strong head. I could use it - but I feel he's no match to me in that field. The game wouldn't be fair. I don't want to incur his wrath at such an old age. Well, I can kill him - but then such thoughts shouldn't be in my mind. Love should be pure. Like my heart. But I still feel he's being unfair. Time changes everything. He used to get me my food to wherever I was... He used to come looking for me - "Lakshmi Lakshmi" he would call out. Ahh the sweet smile he used to have, kissing on my forehead all the time. Now I have to fend for myself. He gives me nothing. I have to spend my nights in the cold, earlier he used to get me a special blanket he had made himself. Where did all that love disappear? Ah time changes everything. Just because he can't get much work done from me, doesn't imply that he can beat me and push me around. I am old now, frail... I can barely stand at times. My bones are showing - he still doesn't care. He should understand. He should not be drinking, it makes his thoughts to change rapidly, blocking his conscience. I want to tell him what I think about him, but I am sure he simply won't understand. I get frustrated at times, makes me want to shout - Moo

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Five orange pips

Swami Gulagulaananda said:

"Purpose of life I simply know not
but life has a purpose, that's my thought"

Darwinism and Creationism. Two theories which I don't think agree with each other. I didn't know creationism as a word until recently. However I knew what it was about. I had studied Darwinism in school as part of subject. But I feel Darwinism can only explain the general evolution of species. The evolution of man from monkey, how different species have many similar characteristics and so on.

But I am sure evolution cannot explain many things that we see in nature. For instance, let us consider the "yucca" plant. This plant disperses seeds by producing a cotton like material to which a seed is attached. When the wind blows, the cotton material being light carries the seed to a distant area, where a new plant grows. Now, I am sure a lesser organism like a plant does not know or understand that cotton is light, that it can float, that by attaching a seed to it, it can be made to move a distance. A plant cannot think and apply laws of physics like we do. However it still continues to do so. Evolution is nothing but trial and error and till you perfect you keep testing... Nice for a plant to do so.

Let's take another example of, say fruits. If you have observed fruits and the way seeds are present in them. Apples and papayas have seeds present in the middle. Water melons have seeds dispersed throughout. And if you take oranges, the seeds are placed in the individual units within. Everything in nature is like what it is for a reason, as we have seen in the yucca plant. The cotton material is produced because it is light and fly long distances. So should the case be in seed arrangement. Why are the seeds arranged the way they are is my question. Surely there is a reason - perhaps a more efficient way of making sure that the plant will grow. I ask this because if I was designing a fruit, perhaps I would have selected the watermelon pattern - concentrating everything at the centre is not a good idea - like they say, it's not wise to keep all the eggs in the same basket. But why are they kept in individual units of the oranges? What purpose does that serve?

Life is not as simple as Darwin puts it - surely if that is the case, then the orange plant must have reasons as to why it keeps seeds like that, and we still can't talk to them. I don't know if there was a superior force that "created" organisms and made them the way they are... But I am sure, that everything has a logic, that things are the way they are for a solid reason...

[And someday I intend to find out. Maybe that's the day you'll see a halo behind my head. Look out Buddha, I am coming ]

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My race against time

Baba Gyani Triviani said:

"Life is a race against time. The longest race you ran. Run like the wind, or forever fall behind"

You can now read the story from the book - Swami G's Short Stories

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Just let go

Swami Gulagulaananda preached

"When in trouble, son, and you can't do much, just let go"

You can now read the story from the book - Swami G's Short Stories

He was uneasy in his seat. The movie was a fast paced one, but he had other things in mind. He had seen a scene on the screen and this was followed by thoughts. He pulled out his phone from his pocket to check if he had gotten any calls. None. He replaced it. He had stopped watching the movie now. His fingers were trembling in his box of pop-corn while the hero was loading his gun with bullets on the big screen. He had a terribly queasy look on his face. He was beginning to feel sick. Why wasn't it ringing. He turned to his left to see the rather annoyed looks being darted at him by his wife. "If only looks could kill", he reckoned. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she muttered through her gritted teeth. He could almost see the flames of the explosion of the screen in her eyes and teeth. "Umm nothing" he managed to mumble sheepishly as he tried to loosen the grip of his wife. "How could such a small woman have such strength? When it comes to moving the sofa I wonder where her strength goes", he thought.

There was that feeling again. "Let me go woman", he wanted to blurt out. He was beginning to move uncomfortably with a weird rolling movement in his seat. His neighbours both on his right and back were beginning to stare at him like he was performing a magic trick. "Magic is all that can save me." Why wasn't his phone ringing?, he was praying by now, praying for the second intermission, hoping against all hopes that the theatre management would miraculously introduce a new policy. He took his phone out again. By now his wife's looks had gotten dirtier than ever before. What had he seen in her when he got married was his immediate thought. He noticed her overly sparkling diamond in her finger ring. He wondered where they found such large stones, at the same time getting the answer for his previous question. Rich bi**h he swore under bated breath.

"Listen darling, I'll be right back", he whispered as he took his phone out for the third time.

"You are going nowhere, last time you decided not to show up after you had gone out", his wife replied in a threateningly quiet tone.

"Last time was different. This is an emergency." Beads of sweat were beginning to form on his forehead. His wife decided to ignore that. She had asked him to cancel all appointments and meetings. She was not to be disturbed this time, owing to her unpleasant memories of being dumped halfway through the last two movies because of the self-claimed urgent calls her husband had got from the hospital. What kind of hospital cannot operate without one doctor was her question. What special skill did her husband have that he was being called so often. She would have normally felt elated that her husband was special, but she suspected something else - that her husband was hiding something and under no circumstance would she allow him to go this time. Any other time she would have followed him, but not this time. This movie was special.

His phone was shimmering and glowing alternately now. That's it he thought. His wife noticed that from the corner of her eye. She suspected he was having an affair and this must be the other woman's call. "Cut the call", she uttered rapidly which was followed by angry looks and hushing sounds by her neighbours. He did as ordered, although it was completely against his wishes. He had been waiting so long for his phone to ring. The call was not important to him anymore. He knew there was not much time left now. He had to act soon. Cutting the call was the last nail in the coffin. He hoped the caller would call back. He wanted to answer it so desperately - cutting calls was completely against his principle. Doctors must be able to react in times of emergencies.

He could see how far he had to go before he reached the exit, counting and imagining where he would place his steps. The phone was beginning to shimmer and glow again. If he made a dash for it now, he could perhaps reach just in time. He had mentally begun counting till ten. Ten is too big for such things, he thought and deemed five should suffice. He had hardly reached three when his wife tightened her grip and his neighbour decided to relax his legs and outstretched them. Blasted people could read his thoughts he felt. He was now beginning to see a hazy grey in front of him. Strange circular patterns with squiggly shapes kept rapidly appearing and dispappearing, morphing speedily. He almost had the urge to count them, but let it go - This was not the time, there were far more important things to do. His thoughts were drifting faster, unclear, unfocussed.

By now, time had run out. He was sure of it. The phone was still, silent, and lifeless. There was no glow anymore. "Damn, no more calls" he thought. Tension was eating him, he was beginning to get jittery and slightly cranky. He remembered his Guru's parting words - "When in trouble, son, and you can't do much, just LET GO. You'll find that tension kills a man faster than the trouble itself" He knew he had lost his chance and opportnity. The Guru has never been wrong, he has always shown me the path towards light. "Let Go" he felt like someone had whispered in his ears. He knew the caller wouldn't call again - at least not after cutting the call twice. "Let go" He decided to follow his Guru. As he did, he felt a deep sense of satisfaction; a feeling of gratification he had never felt for a long time. "Letting go was so much easier than wrestling this bi**h next to me. I need to start going to gym again, I seem to have lost touch. Flexing my muscles was never so difficult before." He was not uneasy anymore. He was in fact smiling, and he enjoyed the rest of the movie. "Let go" he said to himself. His wife on the other hand was beginning to feel weird. Why did her husband suddenly relax? His hands were not resisting her grip anymore. Did that other woman tell him something that passed me without my knowledge? She was unable to concentrate on the hero's final parting kiss on the heroine's forehead promising to be with her in their next brith. That something had changed was the only thing in her mind. Curiosity was killing her, eating and gnawing through her from within. She could not bear it anymore.

The movie got over with the heroine stabbing herself and resting on her dead beau's chest. The lights came on. She did not even want to see her husband's face. She decided to pat his thigh and demand an answer, the sooner the better before he came up with excuses. She did so, and instinctively pulled back after the first two pats... "Why are your pants wet?"

-- An attempt to mimic Karry Kavya's blog I know I can't write their style, but hey - I am me

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Virtual versus Real

Swami Nikhilaananda wondered:

"If DSL or power line goes for a tizzle
How many net crazy lives would fizzle?"

We are aware of, or if not, then made aware of two kinds of worlds that exist now. I am not talking about the earth and space, hell and heaven, netherworld and its complement... I am talking about the real world and the virtual world. And by virtual world I refer to the lives people live on the internet. Real of course, is YOU as a person and your life.

Virtual world is the more fascinating world as of now, at least as of this discussion. Virtual world is much larger than the real world, more fantastic in many ways - larger because of the several terrabytes of memory being contributed by each server and more fantastic because normal rules and laws don't apply - by laws I mean Newtonian and Coulombian (not legal) You can take birth at the moment of your choice... All you need to do is create your account. You can die at the moment of your choice - delete account.

You can make friends, or catch up with old ones through social networking sites. Interesting that although people haven't met in the real world, they make friends online, in the virtual world. Of course, as long as the real and virtual worlds remain apart
[You'll laugh if you watch Seinfeld, skip this bracket otherwise - wrt George and his worlds]
When the worlds come together and mix up, then there might be trouble. This statement I make with reference to the couple of deaths that were due to some mistakes/crimes committed by people on popular social networking site Orkut, where virtual friends (total strangers) decided to meet in real world, and one killed the other.

You'll be surprised how many people have fallen in love online and some have even gone ahead and married (some got killed, but let me skip that now) Some live online lives. Some talk to others only online but when they come face to face in the real world they pretend as if they don't know or recognise each other. Online they chat for hours. The online world eliminates poor memory problems that absent minded husbands might have - such as forgetting anniversaries (angry wife tapping feet with rolling pin in hand, grumbling) because you can have settings to automatically remind you about it, even a week back or earlier... Send gifts and cards, that also online... And here's something even more weird. One of my friends told me that there is a place where you can also get online jobs with money and profession also applicable only online - meaning that in real life that money is worthless, but you can buy perhaps a virtual house and a virtual car, air conditioner and so on...

Things are going so out of hand at times, that when I return to complete sanity and introspect, I wonder where this is taking us - it's absolutely crazy to have an online job, online money, online wife, husband and kids, everything online. No power would kill several. So many are addicted to the internet for the wrong things. I use the internet a lot, but not for such junk purposes. Chatting I do with close friends, with whom I can talk sense, or blabber my heart away. But the internet needs to be seen as a vast resource set, you can get whatever reference material you want for free. Songs and videos etc. complete entertainment. But not to such an extent that you forget how it is to be walking on the sand barefoot in the sun... Balanced handling is important claims Swami

Sunday, 13 January 2008

One billion = nought?

Swami Nikhilaananda lamented:

"We are many, reaching a billion;
Are we nothing but the west's minion?"

India has a population of a billion. One billion. That's one followed by ... well, many many zeroes. And Indians are as such considered to be among the most brilliant people in the world. Many patriotic people say that many leading western companies like IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo and Google have thousands of Indians working in them. India also has many indigenous companies such as Infosys and Wipro.

I have till date never heard or seen of a single Indian product that is being recognised across the world as a famous product. Not a single one... Operating systems such as Unix and Windows are American, database softwares such as Oracle and Access are American again, SAP is German, and if you consider any other software for that matter, they are all western, perhaps American or European, but never Indian. The only famous Indian product that I have heard is Tally. I am not talking about general software applications, but serious products.

This discussion is not limited to software. Even nuts and bolts of many machine parts are imported. India therefore is largely limited to services - chiefly outsourced again by the west. If we are all oh-so brilliant, with so many IITs and all, why do we still not have ONE operating system that we can call Indian. It is something that really intrigues me - that I can not find one single product that is completely Indian... Strange that a population of one billion hasn't made one complete indigenous product that can stand at par with the western products.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

*Bamm* goes the mallet... But when

Swami Gulagulaananda always preached:

"Justice delayed is justice denied"

The crime rate is ever increasing, at least it is so in India. But why are the perpetrators are never scared or worried of getting caught, and the consequences that follow thereafter. And why is this? There are all kinds of crimes that take place. And of course, from crimes, I am directly linking to the justice speed and the system. Now when I say crimes, I am referring to much more than just the criminal cases. I also include the civil cases.

Murders, rapes, robbery, attacks, property dispute, official disputes, etc. All of these are common cases that the justice system faces. But these continue to flow in, and in fact continue to grow unabated. The main problem is - THE SPEED OF JUSTICE. People aren't hesitant to commit crimes because they know that they won't get caught, and even if they do, nothing will happen to them. I am, of course, as you might have guessed by now, talking only about the hotshots of the society, or children and relatives of the hotshots. They are the ones with the weight that they can simply push around, and get things hurried up, or delayed or even suppressed, suffocated and asphyxiated to such an extent that people will eventually forget about it.

Court cases are simply dragged. Dragged to unbelievable extents. It's ridiculous to even imagine that the man who has a grandson will be fighting his father's case... Fifteen years, twenty years... And it takes a lot more than just extremely strong will to endure such depressing periods. You need to also have a sufficiently big wallet (filled of course...) to continue to fight just to sustain yourself in the legal battle. Ordinary common people cannot sustain such battles against the rich and powerful for the same two reasons - they are too rich and too powerful to develop enmity.

Gradually prudence teaches you to pull an out-of-court settlement. Look sir, you know what you did is wrong. I don't want to waste time, energy and money in court cases. Just give me a fraction of the total amount, and I'll be on my way. A single person cannot fight a company because of the might it has, poor can't fight rich, because of the power their money has (sufficient to delay it to such an extent that the poor shalt, but perish - quips Swami)

This is perhaps the main reason why you don't see people suing others for even pretty big issues. In the process, you lose more than what you get. In the USA and other western countries, justice is delivered so fast, that they can afford to sue everyone or anyone for anything... For playing music too loud, driving on their patch of grass, winking at his wife, and so on. Here - not a chance. All problems, including corruption, which is of course the main reason for all other problems have their root at the delayed justice. And the speed of justice is not increased for perhaps the same reason.

After a nationwide protest and vast media coverage, one Jessica Lall case and one Rizwanur Rehman case are making news... There are thousands of other cases pending...

What is the point of delivering a just verdict twenty years after the case was filed, if the complainant lies dead in his grave, and his family on the streets of the city begging.... The judge's mallet may go *Bamm* but when is the question!

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Mad Ads

Baba Gyani Triviani said:

"If eating cereal and drinking milk made people any clever
Then would they come here to read my lessons? Never..."

If you have watched advertisements, you'll know what I am telling you. I mean the hilarious advertisements they show on TV. I liked the Kellogs cereal ad and the Goodlife milk ad the most. The bottom line is this - you are an idiot, nothing enters into your head. Then you eat the cereal, or drink the milk or butter etc. And *BOOM* the girl solves the problem, the dumb looking man who till then didn't know he was being robbed right under his nose gets a sudden brain powering, and he can tell the number of the vehicle without looking...

Ok, how lame are we to believe this? It's funny how people try to "fool" people into buying their products. I wonder if people actually fall for it and buy these things because of what they are claiming their products to be doing... In a way they are cheating people by making them feel that they'll become cleverer than what they inherently are. Well, if they do buy it for this reason then they are the ones who deserve it.

There are many such lame ads. There's this ridiculous advertisement about this veterinary doctor who is advertising for this chewing that brightens teeth. And he speaks horribly bad English, the grammar gone to dogs. And he uses a cow... A cow and bad English for advertising a teeth whitening chewing gum. And if it was funny, witty or made sense, it's alright. This one is sheer nonsensical.

Then there are detergent advertisements. Another classic case of morons. In these advertisements, the kids seem to know more about the detergents and washing powder more than their mothers. They always seem to be excited about detergents, why I don't know. Every detergent and washing powder has kids, in fact obsessed with dirtying clothes and then educating their mothers about why they should be using that detergent. Sheeesh. And what's worse is when their mothers look amazed at that detergent in all awe while the over-smart have this know-all expression on their faces.

More over-smart kinds continue their saga in cereal ads, toothpaste ads, detergent ads, biscuit ads... Sheesh. There are many such advertisements. Most of them have no connection to the product that they are marketing. And some that have connections tend to overdo it - like the cereal and milk advertisement I told you about. The really funny advertisements are copied straightaway from western ads.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

It's not like the sky will fall

Swami Gulagulaananda proclaimed:

"A crime is a crime, big or small,
Size determined when done by all"

Have you ever met people who commit mistakes and they say, "Aww chuck it man, nobody will notice" ... Or "Hey, it's ok... Forget it, nothing'll happen"

Ok, or you yourself may think like this some times. When I am talking about these small mistakes, I am referring to the teeny weeny errors like:
  • Jumping signal, driving badly (no indicators, hand signs etc.)
  • Throwing chocolate wrappers, chips packets etc. on the ground as you walk, drive etc. (Littering)
  • Spitting, shouting, talking loudly in restaurants and other public nuisance creation
  • Cutting in lines whilst in queues...
  • Small cheating, like giving 990 ml fuel instead of a litre in bunks...
Aww come on, these are too small - this is what you may think. We have to understand that this problem is small when only YOU are doing it, and it will cease to remain small if everyone thinks the same way. India is a population of a billion. Just imagine if each one of this population does the same thing. If each person throws a chocolate wrapper on the ground each day for a week, we have accumulated a total of 7 billion wrappers on the ground.

Think that's ok? Let's take cost of petrol to be around Rs. 50. By pouring 990 ml instead of 1 litre (Although their cheating proportions are much larger) he saves 50 paise. That's all right? I mean, come on, 50 paise is the price paid for a chocolate (the wrapper of which we throw here and there) Now, if he cheats 100 people per day, where each person asks for say just 5 litres.
Total for a week = 7 * (0.50 * 5) * 100= Rs 1750/-
This is just for one week, and that too we have taken just 100 vehicles and just 5 litres. In a year, at this rate, he makes Rs. 6,38,750 (Nearly six and a half lakh rupees)

And this was just for one petrol bunk. Now you know why people always fight and pay extra money to establish petrol bunks (there's a lot of demand) And here, I have considered 100% pure petrol. As we were made aware in newspapers, many bunk owners save even more money by adding kerosene and other cheaper alternative substances. If each one of us talks in a restaurant, there's no difference between a market a "nice quiet" place to eat. Many restaurants have a bunch of noise makers.

There's always this attitude among people - "It's not like the sky will fall if I do it, so, what's with all this preaching?" If it's an isolated case, maybe it's pardonable. But it's not so. When a child sees his/her father/mother doing something like this - say littering, or any of the above mentioned things, the child will consider it as a green signal - impressionable minds or otherwise, parents are considered to be the people from whom we learn most of our values. Oir role models, seniors, adults and everyone else do this... and the "legacy" is continued by their children and thus the problem continues to prevail.

To sum up, each one of us should stop committing these mistakes - and automatically when others see you are not doing it, they may feel ashamed to do so (If they don't, you have the moral right to ask them to...) and slowly we can eliminate the problem. The bottom line though is that no error is too small to just let go without an apology and rectification...

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Page 3

Baba Gyani Triviani smiled and said:

"Skimpy clothes, drink in hand
Page 3 is where you'll land"

Times of India - Nice newspaper, in fact it's really great. You get everything that you need to, but then, they also provide this supplement called Bangalore Times. Bangalore Times has many pages, but it's the page 3 that intrigues me, and also works me up.

Well, by now you would have realized how much I am against pub culture and social drinking. Alright, FINE, do it - it's your life... But you know what? Why publish these photos of people doing this, in the newspapers??? Funny, I feel - they publish the photos of some who-is-who and mostly "umm-who-the-hell-is-that?" type people. Now seriously, think about it, who in the sanest states of their minds, would want to look at photos of people they don't even know in newspapers page 3?

They can use that much ink for putting in better stuff about so many things - ok, why not write some cooking recipes [seems boring...], or publish photos of celebrities (now THEY have many fans), or more advertisements (revenue for papers also) or something... Well, ANYTHING else is better.

Page 3 - it's funnier than Page 2 - Oh for those who are unaware, Page 2 has cartoon strips. The only people who read page 3 are the people who come in it - or who are wannabe page three people, so now they'll start going to those pubs - So. I guess indirectly you are inducing more people to go to bars and pubs to drink, because everyone wants to come in newspapers, most people find it difficult to do something great to come, others find it difficult to drown themselves in legal battles for committing murder and other abominable vices... So the easiest way till now to come in the newspaper with a smile on your face is to have a drink in your hand.

I know it is called page 3 because that page is reserved for the "Party Animals", another term that I detest... Well, party animals, wwwhhhhoooooooooo you guys enjoy dudes... and dudettes, wwwhwooooooo yeahhhhh but don't come and show your inebriated faces to me. Nyah, so there

Friday, 4 January 2008

Monkey Business

Swami Gulagulaananda exclaimed:

"Largely ape needn't be King Kong;
Look around you, I am surely not wrong"

At every point we seem to be aping the west - especially the United States of America. Aping is alright, as long as your aping will benefit, and it makes sense to do so. Here are some very annoying things that I found among Indians who ape the "states"

Mentally retarded children are referred to as mentally challenged... And now they are being referred to as "gifted" children. This is supposed to be called - being politically correct. It puts me off just as much as management talk [crap] does. I find it rather ludicrous that people are more bothered about selecting politically correct and apt words - now mind you, they don't have any sympathy for the children, in fact, they act as if something weird is near them when they see the children. Instead of showing the "gifts" in feelings, time is wasted in such things. Call the child a mentally challenged person, because that's what the child is - you may feel the argument to be a little strong, but understand the fact - a gift is defined as a positive thing, something that you want maybe for your birthdays or anniversaries, but I am sure nobody would want a mental gift like this. Call a spade a spade, or at least learn to be sympathetic instead of simply pathetic when you use such phrases. Be true from your heart, not from your lips only

This is only one of the things. We need to primarily understand the fact that the culture here and there are different. Watch some western shows on tv and you'll know what I mean. There, sleeping with someone is a pretty obvious thing - "Duhh!" but here it isn't. There they go to bars, get drunk, and hook up with someone. [standard usage in all western shows] However, here they go to bars, get drunk, molest and get into trouble... both the men and the women. Either avoid going to bars to drink, that too past midnight or increase your chances of getting molested or prepare to get laid... I know, I am still sounding rather crude. But then again, I dislike it when people ape only the wrong things from the west.

The west essentially reveals large open-mindedness, logic and freedom. But people seem to adopt being slutty, lascivious and such "features" of the west. Come on, they have so much to show us. Why the pub culture? Of all things...

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Unfortunate economy

Swami Nikhilaananda lamented:

"Economy booming, money overflowing
Why then are the unfortunate continually growing"

The economy is growing rapidly. India is the second fastest growing economy in the world. We all have amenities. iPod isn't a thing anymore. Everyone knows how to use it, and kids around me have exclaimed surprise when they came to know I don't have one.

We are not all stinking rich. But we are all pretty well to do, upper middle class people. Alright, fine, maybe middle class... But we do spend money for something that we don't need THAT badly. Like for example, we spend fifteen bucks to drink an iced tea from some kiosk. And something around that for a bar of delicious chocolate. And so on. There are many people around, who don't have that much money to buy a bun or some rice to fill the stomachs of their children and themselves.

I don't say completely curb the habit of enjoying and pampering yourself. Come on, I am no saint [Ok, not a really great saint, Swami nevertheless ]. But just imagine a fifteen saved here and a fifteen saved there - drops and drops maketh ocean. And you can do something really worthwhile with that saved money. Especially if you and your friends all decide to save money on the same day, for example, a joint effort. That money can be donated to some of these organizations [hungry children, abandoned women and children, and stray animal caring orgs.] who will put that money to good use.

We are not going to die if we don't drink iced tea for one day - not that I have something against Iced tea vendors. But what I am saying is, amid such merry making, occasionally care for the people and animals who aren't as lucky as you are. It might seem that I am trying to make people to give up worldly pleasures and go to the Himalayas. Far from that, you'll learn the pleasure of giving, sharing... Oh puh-leez, it's just an ice tea, man! Peace...

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Drunken Revelry

Baba Gyani Triviani says:

"Getting drunk and murdered, molested or raped is a ridiculous way of appearing in newspapers"

In view of the recent "Shame thing again" from the business capital of the country - Mumbai, where nearly 80 men groped and molested the two women. This thing can be seen from two angles, one of which is the obvious conclusion that can be drawn - the city isn't safe for women. That what happened was a very very uncomfortable thing for the women, very shameful and a horrifying experience for them. This of course can be drawn straightaway, you don't have to be an analyst for drawing this inference.

But if you have a look at it the other way, I still feel that the women weren't right in doing what they did... I am sure some would be ready to throw stones at me. But what these people need to understand is that we are not yet living in Utopia where the entire city is SO safe that people can safely walk around at 1:30 AM in the morning. Come on, for crying out loud, we are all aware of that. For the number of mugging incidents that take place in the city, for the number of murders and rape cases, that happen in the middle of the day, such incidents happening in the dead of the night is not a surprising thing. I don't understand what two women were doing at 1:30 AM - Oh wait, I do know. They were drinking and partying .

I don't want to sound old fashioned and orthodox, well, I am not - but I am pretty logical enough to conclude that when you are aping the west by holding New Year celebrations by drinking and dancing [Something that I absolutely detest, how cheap!! - personal opinion], you should also ape them in carrying around 'pepper sprays' and learning self defense. It's absolutely ridiculous - and another thing I don't understand is this kick people get by partying all night, but that's something I'll put in my other blog entry.

For now, this is all I have - Ladies and gentlemen alike, please don't ape the west, whilst the west is now beginning to believe that Eastern culture (Indian and Chinese) is better, we are going from better to worse. Please don't develop dumb habits of unnecessarily partying, drinking, drinking and driving, and all others...
I am telling this because it's a ridiculous way of coming in the newspaper - getting molested, dying in accidents, and drunken brawls and getting murdered in the stupor... I urge especially all the Indians to restore sanity in yourselves - Mind you, I am NOT being orthodox and conservative, plain old common sense and logic teaches me this.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Dalits and Reservation

Swami Gulagulaananda said:

"I don't take analgesics because they hide the symptoms - Fight the cause, fight the disease, and the symptoms shall disappear with it..."

Reservation is indeed a major problem in India. And this problem continues to exist primarily because the problem of casteism continues unabated in the nation. I saw a video the other day which described the pathetic conditions of the people of the "low-caste" and how these people were ill treated and were not allowed to be at par with the people of "high-caste"

Now in the video, they showed this girl who decided to drop out of school because she could not continue owing to the taunts of her fellow classmates. She initially intended to become a nurse or a doctor and all her dreams were shattered she says in it. Now, the government decides to reduce these things by putting up reservations for these people. In reality these people are never benefited by this ridiculous scheme. In fact the meritorious students also don't reap the benefits because the seats that they effectively get are far lesser. And people of the low caste get into these seats owing to their caste, and not merit.

But it's true that the girl's dreams are shattered. The problem according to me is this - the people of low caste drop out of school because of the taunts. As a result of this, they lack the education that's required. Since they lack this vital component required to get a white collar job, they don't get it - and this means they have to do manual labour as their parents were doing. And this vicious cycle continues. The solution for this definitely isn't reservation. This is because not all "Dalits" are poor, nor are they all doing manual labour, and not all are in such a situation. And these "reserved" seats go to the richer dalits... And the poorer Dalits continue to rot in their abject conditions.

The solution for this, is to fight the system. We should fight the very fact that the caste system continues to exist. When we do this, if successful, we reach a condition where all are equal - without reservation. Education is what's more important. People should be educated against casteism. And mind you, religious conversion isn't the solution for this either. The Dalits continue to be referred to as Dalits in their religion.

And so the solution I would like to reiterate is to FIGHT THE SYSTEM. I urge you all to oppose these ridiculous segregation, and also to oppose an equally ridiculous system called Reservation and Categories based on caste.