What goes around, comes around

Swami Baba Gyani Triviani believes in:

"What goes around comes around"

Benazir Bhutto; Charismatic Pakistani leader - Daughter of the East... and now a martyr. It's indeed sad that she faced such a tragic end. However, it only shows that terrorism is something that is beyond the control of Pakistan. At least from what has happened.

It's indeed a shame that a country that has been mothering and supporting terrorists against India so long has now fallen victim to the very thing that they nurtured so tenderly and lovingly with affection. It has led Pakistan to slip into a state of anarchy and confusion - Pakistanis are killing themselves (protest in Karachi) - And so are the terrorists (suicide attacks), in the process taking away innocent lives. If only Pakistan had been peaceful, like India is and has always urged her neighbour to do the same, terror would never have become this deep rooted in the country which lost her daughter. Now Pakistan is sinking slowly, gradually into the quicksand - the trap that they themselves created; which seems to have boomeranged.

What goes around, comes around - if we wish ill for others, the same might befall us. What's done cannot now be undone - only plans can be made for the future. May her soul rest in peace.


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