India... On the top

The Three Swamis Chant:

"Blessed are they, to be born in India, blessed are they who this they seek;
As for the rest, Oh dear God, grant them their wish, forgive their cheek"

Great country India - I am not saying this for the sole reason of being an Indian. India is a large country with a diversity in everything - I always find it very hard to believe how such a large country that has a bit of everything - it houses every religion you can think of: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Parsees, Jews, Paganism, Animism and everything else you know. Every state of India, is like a country of Europe - they speak different languages like Europeans do, and their sizes are comparable too. Our growth rate is higher than all countries in the world - fastest growing economy, next to China... We have everything we need - the size, the power, the young energetic working population, the wealth, history, culture, the resources (all inclusive), the technology, nuclear armament (to keep enemies at bay - it's necessary) and everything else. Home of the oldest civilization, oldest classics and epics, original languages, and now, urban and modern world co-exist in the same land.

India is known not only for all these, but also for being a land that is highly spiritual. People from all over the world come here for it. For Yoga, Dharma, Karma which now is the buzz word, etc. We have several problems, no doubt, poverty, bad roads, corruption, terrorists bothering us and others. In spite of all these, India continues to grow, just imagine the growth we would be having if it wasn't for all these problems. Phenomenal. Just thinking about all this makes my adrenaline rush. If you think I am being a little hyper, why don't you have a look at this video. It's an unbiased view from an American news channel -

India has several advantages, we have a large coastline, great friends (Russia who has always been loyal, Israel with whom relations need to be strengthened), some of the best medical facilities in the world which is also very cheap compared to other countries like the USA - which is why they fly down here to get their hearts operated upon... very patriotic people, and a powerful military force. Actually right now, I am not getting the proper mindset to write a lot because of my exams being close. So, you know what? Here's the complete thing what I wanted to put across -

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