Dalits and Reservation

Swami Gulagulaananda said:

"I don't take analgesics because they hide the symptoms - Fight the cause, fight the disease, and the symptoms shall disappear with it..."

Reservation is indeed a major problem in India. And this problem continues to exist primarily because the problem of casteism continues unabated in the nation. I saw a video the other day which described the pathetic conditions of the people of the "low-caste" and how these people were ill treated and were not allowed to be at par with the people of "high-caste"

Now in the video, they showed this girl who decided to drop out of school because she could not continue owing to the taunts of her fellow classmates. She initially intended to become a nurse or a doctor and all her dreams were shattered she says in it. Now, the government decides to reduce these things by putting up reservations for these people. In reality these people are never benefited by this ridiculous scheme. In fact the meritorious students also don't reap the benefits because the seats that they effectively get are far lesser. And people of the low caste get into these seats owing to their caste, and not merit.

But it's true that the girl's dreams are shattered. The problem according to me is this - the people of low caste drop out of school because of the taunts. As a result of this, they lack the education that's required. Since they lack this vital component required to get a white collar job, they don't get it - and this means they have to do manual labour as their parents were doing. And this vicious cycle continues. The solution for this definitely isn't reservation. This is because not all "Dalits" are poor, nor are they all doing manual labour, and not all are in such a situation. And these "reserved" seats go to the richer dalits... And the poorer Dalits continue to rot in their abject conditions.

The solution for this, is to fight the system. We should fight the very fact that the caste system continues to exist. When we do this, if successful, we reach a condition where all are equal - without reservation. Education is what's more important. People should be educated against casteism. And mind you, religious conversion isn't the solution for this either. The Dalits continue to be referred to as Dalits in their religion.

And so the solution I would like to reiterate is to FIGHT THE SYSTEM. I urge you all to oppose these ridiculous segregation, and also to oppose an equally ridiculous system called Reservation and Categories based on caste.


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