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British and American English

Baba Gyani Triviani says: "Shun American, and you'll learn to speak proper English" English -a fantastic language given to the world by Great Britain. However now there are variants - British English, American English, Indian English and so on. But of all these British and American are the two most widely used types. What I don't understand is - Why use American English? Some people argue that American English is a simplified version of British English, and thus they are making lives of people easy by elimination of redundant letters. Yeah right! Let's face it. The Americans want to standardise their own units. Although the world has its own units, the Americans are stubborn and refuse to use the units used by the rest of the world. And what's sad is that the might and power of the USA is compelling other countries to go the American way. We use the kilometres, and they use miles. We express in litres what they express in gallons. Not that we don't k

India... On the top

The Three Swamis Chant: "Blessed are they, to be born in India, blessed are they who this they seek; As for the rest, Oh dear God, grant them their wish, forgive their cheek" Great country India - I am not saying this for the sole reason of being an Indian. India is a large country with a diversity in everything - I always find it very hard to believe how such a large country that has a bit of everything - it houses every religion you can think of: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, Parsees, Jews, Paganism, Animism and everything else you know. Every state of India, is like a country of Europe - they speak different languages like Europeans do, and their sizes are comparable too. Our growth rate is higher than all countries in the world - fastest growing economy, next to China... We have everything we need - the size, the power, the young energetic working population, the wealth, history, culture, the resources (all inclusive), the technology, nu

What goes around, comes around

Swami Baba Gyani Triviani believes in: "What goes around comes around" Benazir Bhutto; Charismatic Pakistani leader - Daughter of the East... and now a martyr. It's indeed sad that she faced such a tragic end. However, it only shows that terrorism is something that is beyond the control of Pakistan. At least from what has happened. It's indeed a shame that a country that has been mothering and supporting terrorists against India so long has now fallen victim to the very thing that they nurtured so tenderly and lovingly with affection. It has led Pakistan to slip into a state of anarchy and confusion - Pakistanis are killing themselves (protest in Karachi) - And so are the terrorists (suicide attacks), in the process taking away innocent lives. If only Pakistan had been peaceful, like India is and has always urged her neighbour to do the same, terror would never have become this deep rooted in the country which lost her daughter. Now Pakistan is sinking slowl

Conversion and Evangelism

Swami Gulagulaananda said: "Life's like a doughnut, go and take a poll; if one sees the halo, the other sees the hole" India is indeed a great country - a country that is secular, and preaches tolerance in everything. But we see a lot of problems that would naturally exist in such a large population. Religious intolerance. Well, now how would you define religious intolerance? If a person from one religion hates a person from another religion just because of that, then you can call it as intolerance. But is this really prevalent in India (or elsewhere) ? I am a tolerant person, I am a Hindu. I have some friends who are Christians and Muslims... But when we are all together, we are just friends - we really don't care if a person belongs to this or that; what's more important is that we are all friends, we are all together. But this is not the case with Evangelists and Christian Conversion monks. Hinduism is a very tolerant religion; one which tells you wh