Wretched Life, Wretched Wife

Another set of verses, may not make much sense at the outset, try to follow the words and let your brain to wander and reach the deepest of thoughts... It means a lot if you try to understand it from your heart - especially if your wife's cheating on you Image

Wretched Life, Wretched Wife
Glimpses of joy, a mere mirage
An illusion hovered beyond my reach;
The titillating, the dream, the vision et al
Made me bend, beg, bow, beseech...

Heart of diamond, pure and precious
Valued far beyond all worth;
But though so pure, I am so sure
Diamond's the hardest found on earth...

The couple of verses above speak volumes
Think what it means to you;
Act right, for the gold to hold you might be lost
Leaving in your hand, the fake, the new...

Ignorant is he, who knows not the value of what he has
Runs after something new;
But old is gold, and few is new
And soon he joins the foolish crew...

Wretched life, wretched fate
Don't go looking for some hate;
For, your soul mate may be great
But your action may make him irate...

Three to five, just fillers now
Read again one and two;
Life's wretched and fie on you
If you don't stick to me like glue...

Wretched life, sucking life
Burns the pain, like heated knife;
Pierced my heart, pierced my soul
Al thanks to my dearest wife.

Dedicated to my sweet loving wife
- Swami Gulagulaananda


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