Work Hard, Work Smart

Baba Gyani Triviani said:
"Talent Without Hard Work Is Spiked Success"

Swami Nikhilaananda said:

"Consistency, and not inspiration nor perspiration, is the true mark of success"

Are you a person who believes success can be achieved by hard work, who belives - success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration? Or are you the person who believes attitude is the path to success (a+t+t+i+t+u+d+e=100)? Or if you believe that it's the inherent talent in you that leads you to success, then you are not alone.

There are different kinds of people around you, different people believe in different things. I, for one, used to work at the last moment, while my friends used to slog it out, while we had to write exams. Some used to study a week before, and some like me, used to study a day before the exam. We considered ourselves to be the smart workers... Ultimately, we all got comparable marks - but this trend did not last long. When we crossed school, and entered pre university college, we found that though we still continued to work in our respective ways, that though the marks were still comparable, the difference in marks increased appreciably... But we still were complacent, we believed that "You slog throughout a week, while I read one day before the exam, and yet, we still have nearly equal marks... Now that's talent." But this trend went from bad to worse.... for us.

When we entered our engineering college, we found that our pattern of studying proved to have several flaws - that by studying a week before, they were able to read and cover the portions without much stress or ado. We, on the other hand, found a lot of portions had accumulated and we either had to skip parts of material, or we had to slog overtime, the former being risky, and the latter being strenuous... And this time, the difference in our marks had remarkably increased. Now, notice that we are far more talented than the hard workers, that if we combine our talent with their hard work, we can increase the results or output incredibly... But till we do that, we will remain second to them

So, what is the moral of the story? Hard work requires a lot of time, talent does not require much time. Here's the typical ranking...
1) Talented hard workers
2) Hard workers
3) Talented but Lazy
4) Lazy and not talented

Being talented is mostly a gift, and not within our control. Working, on the other hand, is... Therefore, shun laziness - Drops and drops fill the ocean. A little bit of work everyday can achieve wondrous results. If you are immensely talented and you just show sparks of success here and there, you won't go very far, because you need to remember that your ranking is third. The first two will overtake you. You need to be consistent. Then you can show the world, that you are not a fluke, that you are actually capable. For, however talented you might be, the world just sees the results, and does not care about the reasons of failure, be it less work input, or nil...

So, no matter how you achieve success - hard work, less work, smart work, no work, attitude, perspiration, inspiration, talent.... Just remember, Consistency is the key to success


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