The wheel of time spins

Swami Gulagulaananda preached:

"The wheel of time spinneth for sure, control your speech, action be sound;
or glue the tables or nail them to the floor before they just turn around"

How many of you have experienced this? You see someone in some kind of mess, or you try to show off - and some time later.... Bang! You are in that situation yourself! Well, some may compare this to "Pride goes before a fall." Somewhat similar...

I had been to Jog Falls some time back with my friends, and when we descended to the bottom, we found that our trip till then was nothing much but a little energy sapping, and that our journey was not complete till we reached the tip of the rocks just below the falling water, and that all the stepping stones till there were nothing more than algae and moss covered slippery rocks... One of my friends slipped on the rock, and fell down on the ground, when suddenly an old man came and started passing comments, and said that we ought to be more careful , and the next step he fell down.

Some call this as the wheel of time spins, some say pride goes before a fall, some may say - it's just fate, but the bottom line is still the same - "When someone is low, it's our duty to help them out, rather than ridiculing them. It's only by this way that you get the same hands that you had once helped out, and some of those who are very close to you to bail you out. Lest there are going to be plenty of hands to just point at you"


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