Uhh Hi, uhh whatcha doing here?

Swami Nikhilaananda says:

"It's better to keep your mouth shut, than to open it and project your ignorance and foolishness"

I had been to the Air show recently with my friend Aditya Padaki and his family. I was just walking around the ground there, checking out some stationary crafts and their details, when I jeard my name being called out - "Nikhil!!" I turned around, and saw a tall guy looking at me standing there with his friend. I looked at him, but was unable to recognise him. He introduced himself as Karthik, and I was still looking at him - Then he said, "Karry?" And then all bells rung at once... It was Karthik "Karry" Iyengar, the famous guy... Well, I have spoken to him many times on Orkut, but had never met him personally, well, he had come to my college once, and I had recognised him then... Maybe now, after the marvellous airplanes and their stunts, my brain was numb.

Anyway, I started my conversation, but I was still numb, and the first question that I felt like asking him was - "What are you doing here?" And then I realised that it was one of the dumbest questions I could ask him. In fact, I myself laugh out loud when people ask me such questions. When I am coming out of a restaurant, theatre or toilet, and I bump into old acquaintances, and they also probably give a weak smile and don't know what to say - and ask me, "Nik! What are you doing here?" "Uhhh....." I say, "Care to take a wild guess??"

I think when we suddenly bump into old friends, and when we mumble words, it starts getting uncomfortable suddenly if you don't know what to speak, well, I have seen some guys who go all red in their ears when they meet a girl, and don't know what to say, and I know, they want to speak, but they can't. Karry calls this - "Lack of tact.

But you know, it's really great, if you are really comfortable speaking to the other guy, and when you watch the helpless kid, trying hard to make conversation, well atleast sensible conversation, and is just blurting and mumbling some words which neither can understand, and when you try to control your laughter.... The entire situation itself is very hilarious, as long as you are not the one spluttering.

And Karry? If you are reading this, better don't smile, I assure you it was the airplanes...

Well, this is one blog entry where I think I wrote some daily experience for the first time.... Hmmm, I think I better call it - "Dear Diary"


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