Three Blind Mice

Swami Gulagulaananda says:

"Some things change not, take for example these mice; They are household pests, blind or otherwise"

Some felt it was funny, to be frank, it did not tickle my funny bone. I'd been to a function organised by aunt where a large number of people had gathered... And some person walks up to my aunt and asked her about me and if I was ready to get married - Ok... Now for those who don't know me yet, I am still a student, and definitely not one who looks like someone ready to get married. I just laughed when my aunt told me this. Well, don't say -Aww come on, mistake do happen.

But the very same thing happened two years back, Aarrghhh.... I was two years younger, and people are probably unable to distinguish. I told this to my best friend, and she said - You know, I think when they look at you, they get impressed because you look well behaved(Me: ), and as an added advantage you are house-trained (Me: ) ok ok, she was kidding alright but I definitely felt like kicking some ass... What's wrong with these people? Ask me not, I am a mere saint.


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