Strike Back

Swami Gulagulaananda said:
"Barking dogs seldom bite, but a cornered dog shalt surely"

Have you ever chased a small dog? When you run after the dog, the dog puts its tail between its hind legs, and runs. Runs fast anywhere it finds space. But have you ever driven a small dog into a closed enclosure? Somewhere where it can't escape or run any further... Where it can see walls on three sides, and you on the fourth. Well, don't try doing it. When the dog realises that it does not have anywhere else to go, then the dog will turn around and gnash its teeth and make a threatening growling sound. If you don't let it go away freely, then getting 16 injections will be the next in your agenda.

I don't think I need to say more about this. When you push a person, although very meek, to a state where he does not have any place to go, he won't wait there and stay till you squish him. He'll strike back with whatever he's got. And that ought to be remembered. Even the softest and meekest of people do incredible things - things that you might never even expect from bravehearts, when they are pushed over the edge... Very radical things - and all you can do then, is just sit and watch them bite. Never take anyone for granted; if you want to, make sure you are strong enough to strike back when they strike, and win. Something like having a tranquillizer gun ready when the dog rushes to bite you.


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