Shun thy ego, free thy soul

Swami Nikhilaananda says:

"Shun thy ego, free thy soul... Before your conscience pays a heavy toll"

This is something I experienced myself. I'd a friend in my Pre-university college, and we stopped speaking for some small petty trivial reason. Both of us had an ego-problem, both waiting for the other to come up and speak... And this never happened. And this is how we both stopped speaking to each other, and we left our college and went ahead to our own engineering colleges. I had thought many times about the good times we had had together, the things we used to speak etc. But still, it was the ego that was preventing anything good from happening. And after one and a half years, I as speaking to my guardian angel (now don't ask me who that is...) and she says - "If your friend means that much to you, then why are you being so egoistic? Go ahead and call her..." I listened to her, but did not pay much heed to it, neither did I pan to put it into action.

But yesterday I thought - "Ok, what the heck? Why should I be so chidish?" And I called her up. After a little more than two whole years...Her mom answered the phone and later she was at the phone. She asked who was at the phone. I asked her to guess. She made five incorrect guesses.

I said - "Don't think you'll get it." And thensuddenly she exclaimed -"Nikhil??? Oh my God, I can't believe my ears. What a pleasant surprise..." And after that, I yapped on the phone for some forty minutes. And why didn't she? Well, I asked her why she was quiet andshesaid that she was speechless with joy. I was feeling really happy for two reasons. First that I gave up my ego (Cool huh?) and secondly, I made someone really happy.

So friends, you might have received so many forwards saying - "If you love someone tell them now." The same applies to everything. Even if you have to call old friends, or if you have stopped speaking to some people and it's your large EGO that's preventing your taking the first step, then heed to Swami Nikhilaananda and his golden words.


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