The Reunion

Baba Gyani Triviani says:

"If someone WANTS to make time for something, they'll somehow manage it - and if someone does not want to, then they'll find themselves very busy and occupied always"

And how true is that? Well, you might have noticed this everywhere. A kid has to do his homework when asked to run an errand, but till be free when his favourite programme is showing on TV.

A reunion of all seventh standard classmates was organised yesterday, and mind you - I really appreciate the effort... The class got shuffled in the transition from seventh to 8th. And then people got scattered after leaving school for a pre-university college and again got lost when we joined our degree colleges. And it was definitely a mammoth task to gather all these people on one day. It was very well managed and organised by the three muskteers (Anil, Athrey and Shubha) but what was wonderful is that people did come to meet up. But then again, we managed to invite just twenty five, that's half of our total strength of our class then. The rest of them were beyond our reach or contact reaches. And although many people could have come, some of them gave lame excuses saying they were busy for some trivial reasons. Those who came thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the rest did miss a lot.

It's really great to meet all these people after seven whole years and then talk about the different things that we had missed out about one another in these years. We spent quite a lot of time there, and it did end on a great note. I sincerely pray to God to keep all these people happy all their lives, I don't know when I am going to meet them again, but yesterday was definitely one day I don't want to erase from my memory. They were all really nice - I didn't see much difference in most of them. Some of them reminded me instantly of the moments we had spent together in school...

Well, different people, different paths, different lives, God knows when we bump into one another... But when we bump, let's stick together longer than we hoped to. God bless all


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