Prudence or Raw Guts

The Speeding Train

Walking along a railway line were two pals
One was Clark and the other was Charles;
Approaches a stranger, gives them a dare
Stand in front of a speeding train without a care...

Says Charles to him, you ought to be insane
The train would kill me, the stander is inane;
For I believe in prudence and not raw guts my dear
And I have found that I live longer this way no fear...

Ah so you are scared, why didn't you say so before
snide was the remark, the stranger laughed with a roar;
If you call fear as prudence then you are the one at fault
If standeth anyone there, I'll clear away my vault.

That was enough for Mr Clark, he jumped, and thought no more
Approached a speeding train from front, the stranger impressed to the core;
The train rammed into Clark, but Clark moved not an inch
And at that moment did the stranger at once in his belly feel the pinch...

Giving him a million pounds the stranger walked his way
Charles turned to Clark and said, today's your lucky day;
For prudence earned me nothing raw guts paid off;
At this says Clark to Charles his smile not so wan
Prudence is the way my friend, for you're not Superman...

- Baba Gyani Triviani


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