Proving Points

Says Swami Gulagulaananda:

"To prove a point is like spitting vertically upwards, or throwing a stone into slush.... The spit will land on thy face, and the slush shalt splash on thou"

"I am right and you are wrong." "Naa, you are wrong. I am right...." If this has happened to you, then it's normal. Well, a lot of people try to prove points. But one thing we need to remeber, what are we actually going to gain at the end? Here's an interesting incident...

Today, I was in the lab to see my friends completing an unfinished experiment. And then, suddenly a small commotion arises behind me. I turned around to see one of my friends arguing with the teacher. What was the arguement about? It's small and insignificant. The teacher had given him and his friend the same marks (1/5) for answering viva - his point is that he answered the question while the other did not, and if that's true, then how did both get the same score? Well, very valid.

The arguement was heated. Finally, the teacher replies - "Neither of you answered. I only told you. You need to learn how to talk to a teacher. If you want marks, I'll give you five for every viva round for the whole semester. Don't beg for marks like this" Says my friend, "It's not for the marks, it's just for the principle." She fumed and left, he fumed and sat down.

What did she gain from this? Just lost her peace of mind, and it looked bad in front of others when she was fighting with a student. What did he gain from this? Embarrassment and a bad impression. He colud have avoided all this, because at the end his marks did not increase at all. When she said no, he should have just come back - There's no telling what a superior can do to you, be it your boss, teacher or anyone else. When you prove a point, they might take it personally and hold a grudge against you and later forget ethics and morality and stoop to every level possible to teach you a lesson - failing you, holding promotions... what not.

Rather than arguing, see what can you gain. Appropriate steps should later be taken depending on how bad the situation is, proving points is worthless.


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