Planning for the future

Baba Gyani Triviani says:
"Aim for the stars... You might reach the moon. But make sure you don't crash into a tree while taking off"

A lot of people think they are foresighted and therefore they make plans. Especially students, who would like to be systematic - they plan, make a brilliant time table for studying, and that's all. How many of us make time tables and actually stick to it? Well, I don't. And when I realised I could not adhere to time tables, I stopped making them... This might seem pathetic, but this is true with all of us, atleast most of us.

How exactly do we make plans? Plans can be divided into three categories - short term, medium and long term. Long term being something really far away, and short term being almost immediate. Medium of course lies between these two. Whatever be the plans, one thing we should bear in mind - "Always make sure the goals are realistic and achievable" A short term goal such as beating Gates overnight is realistic though not achievable, and flying like superman is unrealistic and not achievable. When you make plans, you should always keep a certain amount of cushion (term which means more or less....), and also keep some backup ready, so that if your primary plan fails, you should be in a position to immediately switch over to plan B, while at the same time you should be able to analyse where you went wrong in the first one - see if it can be corrected and then resume if required or possible. And make sure your future plans don't have this short coming.

If you don't have a backup, and you rely only on your primary plan, it's as good as doing what the old adage asks us not to do - "Putting all your eggs in one basket" The basket falls and all your eggs are just a squished gooey yellow stinking mass, worthless.... a waste. That is something you would definitely not want to happen to your dreams. When you set high goals and fail to even go close to it, it leads to disappointment and on the longer run - frustration.

Setting goals is not enough, one must put in sufficient effort. What's the use of a Ferrari if you are going to keep it in your garage. Use it, drive... You might get a couple of scratches here and there, a couple of dents - but that's nothing compared to the pleasure of driving. One must always look at the larger picture. Make a couple of sacrifices to get more and better things.

Prioritising is very essential. If you don't do this right, you might end up losing everything that you have and gain nothing extra.


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