Swami Nikhilaananda once heard:

"Opinion is like an a*** h***; everyone has one"

And now I really am beginning to believe in this quote. My friend once stood up in class and in the middle of a debate loudly said - "Opinion is like an arse hole, everybody has one" While this may sound inappropriate in a class, a debate or in any public podium (such as this too) it definitely has a point to drive across.

I usually have medium long hair and a moustache. The moustache gets trimmed often, and the hair gets trimmed often, but seldom do they coincide. I had been getting suggestions to remove my moustache completely; I thought one fine day, that day, when I had really too long hair to manage, that I need a hair cut badly, and after the hair cut that I returned home and I decided to get rid of my moustache. Fine...

Next day in class, there was a large number of pointing and laughing. Why? Short hair and no moustache at the same time means that people saw a relatively large difference from the previous days long hair and moustache and beard... Now came the important part, the comments and feedback.

The girls in front of me said - Hair looks good, face looks bad (no moustache, that's why). Guys sitting on either side of me said - face looks good, hair looks bad. Some said you look really good, and others said I looked really bad. the "logical" people said - We are not accustomed to seeing you like this, perhaps that's why you look weird. Whatever it was, this session was followed by tips and suggestions. I learnt one thing from this. Some liked what others didn't.

In general, some like something that others don't. And this of course is obvious. Some like moustache, or people with it, and others dislike it. Or anything else in general. So it's impossible to keep someone happy without making someone else unhappy in life. To gain some, you lose some, so don't bother who thinks what, look the way and do what makes you happy - Not what makes someone else happy...


Loki said…
No,i really liked you in that appearance.

With or without baliga remains baliga.

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