Of Stature and Suck-ups

Baba Gyani Triviani proclaimed:
"Fire and wind, elements of nature

The moral of this quote makes you mature
People big and small, value only stature
When fire is small, the wind puts it out
When fire is a blaze, its growth hasn't a curvature"

Sure, the stanza above doesn't rhyme, nor is its construct proper - but the message is still really valuable. And this is something that most people have noticed around you - If you are a small fish, well, nobody really notices you. And if you are a big hotshot, *Boom*, suddenly people appear out of nowhere shaking your hands, offering you their seats, and doing out-of-the-way favours for you.

And "the" people know how to move and push their weight around, whom to mingle with and with whom 'connections' are to be maintained. Frankly speaking, I have always felt this to be a big sham. Now don't go about passing comments - "Hey this guy must be one of those who gets pushed around, or maybe might be one of those guys who keeps saying 'Anything else I can do for you Sir?' - the suck-up type" Well, not at all, for, I am speaking now, not as a concerned party, but as a mere spectator, or maybe a bystander would be a better word.

What's the big deal? People who have the power will always have people following them, not because the people are valued a lot, but only because the power that they carry is instead. I always love the term "Chairman". The chairman is the most respected person. Understand the beauty of the word - It's the man on the chair; whoever he is, not the man, the man IN the chair.

Today he's Mr. X and tomorrow might be Mr. Z (Don't ask me now what happened to Mr. Y) But in any case, when the chairman retires he suddenly reduces to a common man; me you and him together then sit and talk about the new chairman....

What's important here is the fact that, the chairman or whoever the big fish might be, is a common man when he has no power, people push him around like any other guy - the same people salute him when he's on the top, and the same people continue to push him around (Resuming where they had stopped previously) when he has no power again. So, in conclusion, it's the authority and power. You should see the difference in people's way of talking to people with and without power... I am sure it's a sight to see and if you are no exclaiming "Geezzzz " then there's no doubt you are the type who also salutes along with the other suck-ups.

Remember people, it's the person who's important, people at high positions should think of tomorrow, and people who are under others should remember to maintain self respect rather than being chronic suck-ups... Have a great weekend.


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