Marriage Trends

Baba Gyani Triviani said:
"Marriage is not difficult, if one of the two shalt kneel and apologise for mistake of either"

Here's a small set of verses; Not intellectual in construct or wordings - But definitely sends across a message. Read, smile and understand Image The following is an original by Baba Gyani Triviani - Although he regards to his own work as "tripe" in the verse, he recommends a reading, an understanding...

Marriage Trends
Oh If thy spouse,
Shalt all day grouse...
Pack thy bags,
And leave thy house;
If the roof is thine,
Say the house is mine...
Chuck the spouse out,
And thy life shalt shine;

If both are soft,
The bond'll soar aloft...
It'll survive even if
Thou shalt work in a croft;
If neither'll bend,
As lately is the trend...
A breakup it'll lead to;
For themselves they'll fend;

Now thou might laugh,
Make fun, Or ridicule...
Whilst thou undergo this
Thou shalt feel like a mule
Or an ass even, a donkey or a fool
Ends like trash, which started with a drool

Oh Hark at my words, Oh listen to me,
Understand the message
I beg of thee...
Don't waste thy time reading such tripe
Better be single, Better be Free.

- Baba Gyani Triviani


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