Life sucks

One fine morning I stood in a line,
Strong man cut in and said it's fine,
I said it isn't, I raised my tone,
He held my collar and broke my every bone.

I learnt my lesson, I learnt self defence,
Strong man cut in, and said no offence,
I held his collar, it's now or never,
And that's the very last thing I remember.

I learnt my lesson, and this's another time,
Strong man cut in, I stood like a mime,
He turned around his biceps overgrown,
Punched me hard, and broke my every bone.

I learnt my lesson the moral is straight,
Life's a bitch and you are its bait
Winner is he, who decides to chuck,
The moral is though, that life does suck.
- Baba Gyani Triviani


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