It hurts to be in love... Valentine's Day Special

Swami Nikhilaananda says:

"Love is in the air, love is everywhere; But unless everything is fine, you'll always lose your hair"

Have you been in love? Oh, now don't tell me you love your parents, siblings and friends - I do mean the romantic kind. How many of you feel it's really worth to be in a relationship. I know a coupe of people who believe that it's really great to be in love. And then again, I know some who feel that being in a relationship is a big waste of time - that it's a block and hindrance in your career...

One thing I love about me, is the large number of people I know - that too, the variety. I know nerds to punks, hopeless romantics to stone hearted analysts, and a couple of confused people.

I just took a random poll, and asked people what they feel about relationships and love. I got marvelous answers, and here are some of them...

  • I am marrying only because it's a part of the rules of the society
  • I am marrying because my family name should continue (basically to legalise having kids)
  • I am marrying because the number of girls in my community is fast dwindling. (Community service is what I love)
  • I want to marry the girl f my dreams - I love her so much, I cant live happily without her.
  • Relationship is a major time waste - ok, maybe love is cool, but marriage is for losers, those who want to be bound to chauvinist pigs who want to dominate their lives... Instead they would prefer to be single and live every moment of their life.
  • et al... and many more
As far as I am concerned, I believe in falling in love with that girl who you feel is perfect, and who you think will make your life all flowery and wonderful. Someone with whom you would love to spend every moment of your life with, someone who would love to spend every moment of their life with you. Ah Love! You might feel it's great and harmless - Wait till you have encountered a breakup...

Have you been in a relationship that ends like this:
  • Hmmm, our views don't match
  • Hmmm, let's just be friends for now.
  • Hmmmm........

Or relationships going on the rocks like this:
  • I don't care... I don't think you have any rights telling me with whom I should speak and with whom I should not.
  • Hey, I am busy now.
  • I don't think our views actually match.
  • We don't have anything in common.
  • I don't believe in love or marriage. You are simply wasting your time.
  • Fuck off.... (Ok, that's heights... )

The basic idea is simple - Like each other, trust each other, give each other chances, and please let romance be something warm, and not some pain in the you-know-where, such that you'll be dying to get out of it asap. I wish all you love birds a wonderful relationship, those who have had recent break-ups - brace yourself guys, it's not the end of the world.

I dedicate this entry to that one wonderful girl who changed the way I was to what I am, and I am proud to be what I now... Love you loads honey

Lots of Love


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