Hello all,

This is a blog which I wanted to write from a very long time, but every time I sat to write, I just used to run out of topics. Not run out of, actually, not a single topic would actually come to my mind. I was thinking of making my blog more like something which has a theme - initally I thought of making it technical, then ran out of techie stuff to write. Then came education, morality, relationship, language etc.

Well, after a lot of thinking, I realised some day I would run out of topics if I picked any one topic. So, I thought of doing what Jerry Seinfeld did for jokes - talk about everything. So, just in case you come across a joke in something grave, fret not, it's normal.

Three Saints were created by me - Swami Nikhilaananda, the modern saint who propounds the ancient wisdom and knowledge of Swami Gulagulaananda, the second Swami, known for his deep intellect and usage of wacky poetic verses to put across his ideas. The third is Baba Gyani triviani, the saint who speaks about everything - and most of it, is trivia...

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.

Nikhil Baliga


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